If you’re anything like me, you love a good intranet story. In an article recently published by Motiv8 Communications, three intranet managers shared their stories on how they are working towards a better intranet. What I love about these interviews is that the focus of success is in employee participation.

SCANA Intranet — Christy Season

“My advice is to start with your employees – pulling together a group of employees who represent your employee population and asking them what their ideal intranet would be can give you incredible insight into what will work for your organization. What works for one company will not always work for another. Having employee volunteers participate in early testing on intranet mock ups or prototypes can identify issues early on with your design, long before you spend the resource time and potential money.”

Enbridge Intranet — Andrea Legault

“Do your research. Ask your employees what matters most to them; and when you have the answer, make sure you deliver. Employee involvement has a big impact; employees from across the organization were involved in the planning, design, development and roll-out of our site, helping to ensure that the result was user-centric and took into consideration how employees worked and what information needed to be readily available.”

Nasa’s JPL Intranet — Frank O’Donnell

“We learned just how strongly employees feel about having an intranet that works for them and their need for speed, fast access, and good applications. The other big thing we learned is the importance of finding the right mix of information to put on the intranet – adding enough to meet the needs of the organization while avoiding information overload in the eyes of employees. Different people have different thought processes in what they perceive they need and how they access it. That’s why you must look for clues in your metrics which provide a guide in what they access and look at on the intranet.”

To learn more about what Christy, Andrea and Frank had to share about their world class intranets, visit the full article at  http://www.motiv8comm.com/IdeasandTrends/interview.html

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