Everything we do nowadays is online. We pay our bills online, we find our partners online, and we plan our futures online.

Company culture has changed. Most organizations are online at least 95% of the day. Be it inputting financials, looking up products or typing blogs, we are constantly attached to a screen to access and update information.

With the fast paced corporate environments that we spend the majority of our lives in, how can we ensure that all of your employees are staying connected, are inspired, and that all of your internal company information is at their fingertips?

An intranet effectively brings together all of its employees and gives them the latest information and tools that your company needs to share its culture. From corporate newsletters, highlighting company events, baby announcements, up to the minute advertising, chat messages, and eye-catching themes, your intranet has an array of options that can be personalized to your company’s needs.

Through all of these means, an intranet brings your employees together. An intranet caters to your company needs to promote culture and ultimately it enhances the way employee’s work and share information.

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