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Intranet Management Needs a CEO

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Summary: How to manage an intranet including tips on assigning an intranet management CEO and leadership team.

There is a famous saying that it takes a village to raise a child. It takes a community of people who coach, teach, mentor and care to create a successful company. This is very much the same in regards to the success of your intranet. It takes strategic intranet management and visionary direction for the future of your intranet.

When I think about our company core values and vision, I see the need to impart to customers that we care about them and that we value integrity and transparency. We need to infuse the passion and heart of our entire team into everything we do. But that alone won’t ensure our success. We still need leadership and vision and so too does your intranet.

The CEO for Your Intranet

The CEO is the company visionary. The one who dreams up the ideas and is eager and excited to see them come to fruition. A CEO looks for the opportunity to do things better, to save more money, to initiate a direction for success, and to ensure employees are happy and productive. Essentially, the CEO steers the ship and sets the tone for company culture.

Your intranet needs this kind of person. It could be anyone in your company, but look for the qualities listed above in choosing a CEO to lead your intranet management.

Example: We have a customer, PIMA, who is a credit union big on culture. They have a goal to become one of the “Top 25 Best Employers” in their state. This client is using their intranet to drive the strategy and reach their goal. It gives them a direct focus for the ideas and initiatives that go onto their intranet software. See our case study outlining how PIMA actively drive intranet management and intranet strategy to reach this goal.

An Intranet Leadership Team

Running a successful intranet takes teamwork. Look for leaders in your departments that are eager, caring and have passion about their jobs and areas. Your intranet CEO needs to bring these leaders together in order to help execute on their vision and ideas, which can be accomplished through regular stand-up meetings to share in the progress and the success.

Collaborate on ways to increase success and reach immediate goals. As you develop ideas and implement them with your intranet, put simple reporting in place around ROI for each of these initiatives. This is important in showing your company why the intranet is a critical piece of the organization and employees success. An added benefit: perhaps it will help to approve budgets toward intranet growth.

Example: One of the top teaching hospitals in Australia, Gold Coast Hospital, built a very simple and secured application within Intranet Connections, allowing senior physicians to rate the performance of interns and collaborate with notes and comments on how the intern handled diagnosis, medications, procedures and bedside manner.

It took minutes to create this online assessment process that eliminated a rather manual and repetitive process requiring paper and resources for data entry. It is private, searchable and accessible to senior physicians through tablets, iPads and kiosks. An internal audit showed a savings of $10,000 annually on just this one small area of their intranet.

Cheerleaders and Intranet Champions

Every department has them. Look around and spot cheerleaders who just naturally love to be social, who have fun in their work and spread that joy. Think up some cool ways to deliver events and cultural efforts on the intranet and involve the cheerleaders asking them to contribute and drive support of the intranet. Cheerleaders have passion and with a little encouragement they will forever promote how cool your intranet is to the rest of your staff.

Example: Karleen Murphy started at Intranet Connections on our Support Desk, so many of you may know of her. If you do, you will recognize she is a person with conviction, passion and vitality. Karleen is a very big cheerleader for our team. We have not asked this of her, nor is it in her job description or her performance review.

Karleen takes it on as she genuinely enjoys being the rah-rah go-team cheerleader. She helps to organize our team building events, posting customer kudos on our intranet, sending out cute and funny memes based on what is happening around the office. She just brightens everyone’s day and she loves the intranet. You don’t need many cheerleaders in your organization, but having a few to help drive adoption of the intranet helps a lot.

Engage Employees Through Intranet Management

There are not too many companies that survive and thrive without attention to details when it comes to customer service. Although your goals may vary over the years regarding the ideas and initiatives going into the intranet, the very foundational purpose is to serve your employees.

    • How can you make life easier for your intranet customer?
    • How can you ensure their loyalty and retention?
    • Where are processes in the company that frustrate employees?
    • How can you better communicate your vision and efforts as a company?

Example: Charlene and Wendy work for a big bank and they have been champion customers of Intranet Connections for almost 10 years now. Their intranet is very mature with a ton of built-out features and content. In offering a tour of their intranet we learned that they place customer service as a top priority and they are constantly seeking innovative ideas surrounding improving the customer experience in order to keep a strong differentiator in a very competitive market.

They exclusively use their intranet to drive this innovation, and to ensure tellers and anyone in the bank who interfaces with the public are armed with the resources they need immediately, as they stand with the bank customer. They heavily use our online forms to create data entry points about the customers and they have surveys they conduct at the end of a visit, where front line staff fills in the survey on the intranet as they are with the customer. Their intranet has a site dedicated to their employees that work directly with banking customers.

Intranet Management Isn’t a Full Time Job

Intranet management does not need to be a full-time job, nor do you need to create job descriptions for each role identified here. It is about ensuring you have a dedicated “CEO” intranet management champion and are looking for leaders, champions and cheerleaders to help you achieve innovation, goals, strategies, change management, employee retention or whatever it is that you choose to work towards with your intranet.

Like other enterprise software systems, your intranet has a direct and lasting function: to serve and improve your employee’s experience working for YOU! And like every successful company that needs vision and leaders, so too does your intranet. If you have experience assigning an intranet management team, we’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!

Editors Note: This post was originally posted on April 30th 2014 and has been edited for updates and accuracy.

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