Your Intranet Name & Corporate Culture Go Hand in Hand

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Your Intranet Name & Corporate Culture Go Hand in Hand

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What can an intranet name do for your intranet and corporate culture? Your intranet name can be a strong driver for employee engagement on your intranet. If your intranet is named – The Mind Melt, that isn’t going to build confidence with your employees that this is a good forum for collaboration and communication.

The Intranet Name Brainstorm

Naming your intranet can be a very engaging activity in its own right. Many of our customers, including Espirito Santo Bank, have run contests with their employees to brainstorm the name for their intranet, incorporating their brand, culture and personality.

Other customers have decided to launch their intranet with the intranet name front and center, as a way of promoting and branding. There is no standing rule on how you should name your intranet. The important thing is to brand early and promote often. Choose a name that resonates with your employees to foster curiosity and collaboration.

Intranet Names that Attract Employees

Over the years we have helped many of our customers name their intranets. The real goal behind naming your intranet is engagement. Some of our stellar customers that have embraced the importance of an intranet name have blown us away with their creativity and insight into truly understanding how your intranet name is a fundamental building block of culture.

Intranet Name Stellar Customer
The Pantry New Seasons Market
Fetch The San Diego Human Society & SPCA
Voyager World Travel Holdings
Brains Aggregate Industries
QUIRC Queen’s University
The Harbor WaveCreste

Best Practices for Naming Your Intranet

  1. Avoid using the obvious name for your intranet, your company name.
  2. Incorporate your brand, culture and company personality into your name.
  3. Simplify, don’t complicate – for any branding practice think KISS (Keep It Simple & Straightforward).
  4. Utilize a tagline to explain the cultural value behind your intranet.
  5. Be consistent with your name throughout promotion to drive brand recognition & adoption.
  6. Tie in a graphic to represent your intranet name visually for aesthetics.

Naming your intranet is by no means a ‘new concept’ but a vitally important one. Leverage some of advice from Intranet Connections’ friends and thought leaders to get more inspiration for your intranet’s name:

Thoughts on Naming Your Intranet?

Have thoughts on naming your intranet? Let me know – post directly to this blog or email me at

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:41+00:00 February 28, 2013|Best Practices, Intranet Software|

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