Intranet Personalization to Drive Adoption

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Intranet Personalization to Drive Adoption

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Your intranet is a central hub of information which allows your employees to find information faster and get their work done more quickly. A central Document Repository, Interactive Online Forms with Automated Workflow, Company Events with Outlook Synchronization, are just a few ways that the intranet can help streamline your business processes.

An intranet is a great place for employees to go to for information and resources.  However, the intranet houses resources for several departments such as: IT, Marketing, HR, Sales and more. This means when an employee goes to find the information they need, it is surrounded by irrelevant information that they don’t.  The solution?  Intranet Personalization.

Personalized Intranet Views

Andy from Support carries out many tasks on the intranet but his primary reason for logging in is to check the tickets in his queue. Therefore, Andy’s company decided it would be more beneficial to redirect Andy’s login URL to the IT Team site, rather than the intranet homepage, so that Andy can quickly log in system alerts, check his ticket queue, and chat with other support techs on staff.

When Andy has time he can always browse over to the main homepage to see updates from other departments, such as the latest Executive Blog or Company Event. But his primary focus is still on his role as the IT Manager and therefore his intranet view has been customized to meet the needs of his day-to-day tasks.

Individual Site & Content Security

The intranet is a great place to house content related to specific committees, special projects and company team sites.  However, the documents and information related to these teams can be quite sensitive and should not be visible to other employees within the organization.

By adding security to intranet sites, intranet admins can lock down areas of the sites so that only those who should be seeing the information are. Applying security to an Executive Team site, for example, will remove this link from the homepage for any user logged in who has not been assigned to the executive group on the intranet, nor has permission to see it. While this link appears to be hidden from those who do not have permission to see it, it will remain visible to those who do. The executive group can therefore post documents, have discussions and update their calendar without fear of having their content shared with the rest of the company.

Personalized Bookmarks & Links

Each employee should have an area of your intranet that he/she can customize for his/her interests and preferences. These interests could lie in often accessed resources within the policies library,perhaps purchasing items in the company classifieds, or if travel is in their job requirements updating their mileage claim form.

Each employee has areas of your intranet which are more important to him/her, therefore giving employees the ability to add in their own bookmarks and quicklinks to the homepage allows them to get to the areas of the site that are most relevant to them. They should be able to do this right from the intranet homepage, in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Intranet Personalization with Site Colors

Giving employees some control over certain areas of the site themes leads to greater intranet adoption and provides them with a sense of ownership over their intranet.  Each employee is able to add in their own site colors to various areas of the site, including header bars, navigation bars, content areas and font.

While the logo of the site and main navigation will stay the same, employees can choose their own colors and fonts for the content area of the intranet, giving them intranet personalization and a sense of control.  They can save various themes on their employee profile, allowing them to change up the color of their site whenever the mood strikes.

Personalized Widgets Area

Do your employees often use notepad for their to-do list? Or post pictures of pets in their cubicles? Perhaps look up the current and upcoming weather forecast on a daily basis? Your employees can execute all of these within the personalized widget area on the intranet, consolidating all the information they need into one place, only accessible and visible to them within the intranet’s Personal Employee Workspace.

Other features include adding RSS feeds to news stations they find most appealing, adding a Birthday and Anniversary feed of their closest coworkers to ensure they don’t miss any milestones, adding a Message Board feed of the employees they want to hear from the most, and Live Chat to ensure they can connect with others working on that important project with them.

Does Intranet Personalization Really Drive Adoption?

You bet it does!  Once your employees feel that they have some ownership over the intranet site, they will take it and run, adding content and designs that are important to them and tweaking their intranet site into a repository of helpful information most relevant to them and their work.

Don’t believe me?  Create an Intranet Adoption Contest on your site. Give your employees permissions to add links, create their own widget areas and color their sites and ask them to submit their creations.  You can even then create a survey on the intranet for other employees to judge the best site layouts! Employees with be engaged, and the intranet will be the newest topic of conversation in your workplace.

Have you tried giving employees the reigns on their own intranet personalization?  I’d love to hear about it! Leave your comments below.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:24+00:00 September 8, 2014|Corporate Intranet, Intranet Applications, Intranet Software|

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