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Intranet ROI: A Different Perspective

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Return on investment can be difficult to quantify when measuring ROI for a tool that serves the internal customer. We know that intranets can centralize and organize data. It is a platform for employees to communicate and collaborate. The demand

is growing for social media and employee networking via the intranet. Employee productivity lends credibility to ROI, but what is the true value of an intranet?

Before we go there, let’s first look at where companies lose money. How much would it cost to replace just one experienced, trained systems engineer? The recruiting, training and downtime when they are being replaced takes a large amount of capital and potential productivity. Retaining just one employee is a very important investment. This is where the intranet comes in.

One measurable ROI of an intranet is employee retention. An intranet can help an organization keep good employees by offering them a voice on the intranet, keeping them in the loop, closing the gap between employee and management, creating opportunities for growth and promotion. An intranet can help them to feel they are making a difference for the company.


Advertise training opportunities

Allow employees to register online for courses & give feedback

Online records of the employee’s training history

Job Postings / Employee Resumes

Post new postitions on the intranet

Encourage users to create their resumes on the intranet

Employees can apply for openings online

Help HR to track job vs. applicant history

Create a system for HR to rate and comment on resumes


Encourage key people to post regular blog entries

Ask the CEO to share insights, goals, visions

Share new product lines, revenue streams, new clients

Highlight employees accomplishments

Allow comments by everyone


Build upon corporate culture with your intranet design

Elicit ideas and thoughts on new intranet designs

Set up content feeds to the home page

Advertise new and relevant information

Encourage employees to bookmark favorite areas

Content Authors

Allow everyone the chance to contribute

Enable approval and workflow only on sensitive areas

Build a community = everyone is an author

Investing in your employees can only build a better business, and it also helps in attracting, and keeping, good people which does affect the corporate bottom line.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:50:06+00:00 June 22, 2009|Intranet Software|

About the Author:

Carolyn Douglas, Founder of the software Intranet Connections, started her endeavor of creating intranets out of a passion to cater to employees rather than technology. Her philosophy is your intranet can have all the bells and whistles but without employees using it, your intranet is gathering dust. This commitment to simple and easy to use intranet software, combined with amazing customer service that delivers the best of employee engagement ideas and practices, has secured Intranet Connections as one of the leading intranet solutions since its inception in 1999.

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