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  • Maximize your intranet home page by putting the focus on employees. Add photos, buy & sell postings, birthdays, new hires
  • Use blogs to set up collaborative workspaces on your intranet so users have an area to share ideas and feedback
  • Create a buy & sell for employees, or an area where they can share favorite recipes
  • Post an article on your intranet featuring an employee who has taken your company’s green initiative on board
  • Create a home page widget to feature employees doing exceptional work
  • For Father’s/Mother’s Day: start a discussion topic on the best advice from your father/mother and encourage others to share
  • Idea for intranet profiles – show birthday, anniversary date, link to twitter profile, 20 questions
  • Post manuals and handbooks on your intranet instead of printing and handing them out. Saves time and paper costs
  • Set up an area on your intranet for competitor information and provide employees with a competitive advantage
  • Ensure that your Employee Directory is well-designed, fully-populated, and easily searchable
  • Build electronic forms and post them on your intranet to help streamline business processes
  • Make use of an in/out board on your intranet so users can easily track down coworkers if they’re looking for them
  • Use a blog for feedback on your employee portal, and involve users in decision making process for how the site evolves
  • Set up a suggestion box for cost saving ideas on your intranet. Allow users to contribute, rate and comment
  • Create a “Careers” site on your intranet and give employees first dibs at job openings, blog about advancement opportunities

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  1. Mary December 1, 2009 at 2:24 pm - Reply

    Thank you for the intranet tips!! I am responsible for our employee blog and not an experienced blogger. I have been trying to find topics to get employees to use the blog, with little to no success. I was very happy to see your internet tips 🙂 Do you have any other ideas or sites I can visit?

    Thank you for your help.

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