Is Scaling Your Intranet Cost Prohibitive to Your Bottom Line?

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Is Scaling Your Intranet Cost Prohibitive to Your Bottom Line?

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You have a growing company. You focus on driving results with top talent. You have leveraged your company culture with a social intranet and it is the go-to spot for communicating goals and initiatives, networking with people and delivering resources. It’s all good, until you realize the costs of your intranet are starting to eat away at your bottom line.

The vast majority of intranet vendors have their business model based on a scale, one that scales your cost with your success. The logic is great from their perspective; we help you improve your communications, culture, employee engagement, etc. and in return with your success (in growth) our revenue increases accordingly. Seems fair right?

When you consider the costs of getting your intranet implemented and then factor in the ongoing maintenance, software licensing, per users costs, support costs that go into your award winning intranet, what are your costs over the first 1 yr, 2 yrs, 3 yrs? I bet it works out to more than you would expect, especially when you consider you are trying to grow your business.

Can we really justify the costs associated with this? What would the ramifications of tearing it down be? What are the costs involved in replacing it? These are just some examples of questions you may be asking yourself every year. Maybe you’ve heard, “You don’t have to worry about supporting any infrastructure since we host it in the cloud for you”. Likely this is true, and in the case of development intranet platforms (fully code customizable) where you would not only be supporting the infrastructure but also a team of developers, there may be substantial savings realized in the cloud. However what about the solution that doesn’t require a technical team to administer it, one that allows your business managers (non-technical users) to both administer and publish content on your site, regardless of being in a public or private cloud. What if such a solution didn’t continuously ask you to pay more as your organization grows?

So where does that leave you, the cloud based vendors whose scaling (and reoccurring) license model eats away at your bottom line, a fully customizable development platform that requires heavy resources to implement and maintain, or an out-of-the-box, turnkey solution that embraces a simpler cost structure. How about a solution that offers a one-time cost to get started with unlimited user support, without the need for technical teams to manage and maintain the code, and without the fear of an increasingly hard to justify cost to your business every year? Just a thought when you consider if scaling your social intranet is becoming cost prohibitive to your business.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:53+00:00 September 22, 2011|Intranet Software|

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