How to Launch a Successful Portal Naming Contest

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How to Launch a Successful Portal Naming Contest

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Launching a new intranet can be an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. Especially when you’ve put a lot of time and effort into the intranet and don’t receive the user adoption rates you anticipated. A great way to engage users and promote intranet adoption is by including employees in the intranet portal naming process.

Many of our customers do this by hosting an Portal Naming Contest on their intranet, which not only gets users excited about the new intranet, but also gets them on the intranet to participate.

Why You Need a Portal Name

Having an intranet portal name provides an identity and many times a persona for your intranet. But this identity shouldn’t be created in a vacuum. If you want your employees to embrace and own your intranet, they must feel like they are a part of it.  What better way to achieve this than by having your employees, the end users, help you name your intranet with a portal naming contest?

Our clients have reported outstanding support and ownership of the intranet after a successful portal naming contest, such as with Diversified Search’s intranet – DivShare or New Seasons Market’s intranet – The Pantry.  Some intranet names even help the intranet take on a persona of its own.

One fantastic example of a intranet name turned persona is Pima Federal Credit Union’s intranet named Dwight – the employee know-it-all, named after a character from the popular TV show The Office. Since naming the intranet Dwight, Pima Federal Credit Union has reported that engagement and intranet adoption have skyrocketed for the organization.

Creating a Portal Naming Contest

To successfully launch your own portal naming contest, simply begin by creating an application using the “Suggestion Box” application. Using this application, you can customize the title and description of the application to let your employees know what the purpose of the application and instructions for utilizing the Suggestion Box. A good place to start is by changing the name of the application to “IPortal Name Ideas” or “Portal Naming Contest Entry”.

Once you’ve updated the content and changed the name, you are ready to build the application. From there, you can customize the fields you want in your entry form – these fields will be what users completes to submit their intranet name idea. To do this, select “manage fields” and select or remove any fields you wish.

Below is an example of how an end user with view the “Intranet Name Ideas” entry form or suggestion form:

Portal Naming Contest Application

Now that you have created the Portal Naming Contest application, it is important to let your employees know so they can submit their name ideas. The best way to do this is by creating a Message Box widget that links to the Portal Naming Contest application to broadcast it to your intranet home page. We suggest including an image or engaging text that draws attention to the message box to ensure all users participate and submit an intranet name. Perhaps you can up the stakes and offer an incentive to the best intranet name entry!

Below is an example of what the Message Box widget will look like:

Portal Naming Contest Message Box

Choosing a Portal Name

Once all employees have submitted their entries, you can begin the voting process. Enabling ratings on your application allows employees to vote for their favorite intranet name entry. By simply clicking the thumbs-up icon, it shows the user has “liked” that entry. The entry with the most “likes” will determine the winning intranet name.

Below is an example of how the results will appear and how users can vote for their favorite intranet name:

Portal Naming Contest EntriesAlternatively, you can enable comments so that users can actually comment on the intranet name entry they like the best and/or discuss each other’s suggestions.

Success with Your Portal Name?

Have you used a similar method to come up with your intranet name? And if so, what are some of the interesting intranet names your users came up with? Let me know by commenting below!

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