I love reaching out to like-minded individuals on LinkedIn. It’s so lovely that a person can join a group that interests them and instantly post a question or comment to that group. It’s an open collaboration platform that allows you to expand your online networks so that you can learn and connect with one another.

I am a member of a variety of groups, some of the groups that I belong to are related to marketing but I also enjoy reading the incredibly influential posts on the TED and Harvard Business Review group pages.  When it comes to the world of intranets there is an abundance of quality LinkedIn groups like the Worldwide Intranet Challenge, Ragan.com, and IntraTeam (to name a few).

I tend to devote Friday’s to connecting and sharing online. This way I can spend some time starting discussions and asking questions that people will be inspired to respond to.  I felt very motivated by responses to three LinkedIn discussion posts that I recently started, and I wanted to share it with our blog readers to encourage people to give their feedback on sites like LinkedIn.

At Intranet Connections, we love to hear how people use their intranet to find out what inspires their employees. I reached out to the members of the Internal Communications group to find out how they do this and here’s their feedback:

As the holiday season is upon us, I wanted to find out what the Worldwide Intranet Challenge members were doing with their intranets during the holidays, so I asked them: How do you use your intranet to reflect the holiday season? Do you change the theme, share stories about giving back, and advertise local charity drives? Please share!


For additional ideas on how you can use your intranet this holiday season, read about what our Intranet Connections customers have done with charity drives on their intranet sites.

People love to share stories about one another, so I asked the members of the Intranet Professionals discussion group: How are you using your intranet for STORYTELLING?


Thanks to all of the LinkedIn members that responded to my discussion posts over the past few months. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as it will encourage intranet managers to use their intranets for employee inspiration, storytelling and spreading holiday cheer.


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