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Make Content Management on your Intranet FUN

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If you’re used to managing an in-house built intranet or a Sharepoint site, you’ve probably looked at the title of this blog post and started laughing at its ridiculousness. “Yeah, updating my intranet is a real hoot!”, you may exclaim with an eye roll or two.

Well, for many of our intranet customers, updating content on their intranet site is fun. Why? Because it’s so easy to do, and the people with the content are those posting the content. HR has a new policy? They upload it! An employee has a desk for sale? They post it! They are invested in this content because it is theirs, and they generally enjoy sharing it with other employees in the organization.

The Way it’s Always Been Done

Intranet sites used to belong to IT. They are software, and IT is in charge of purchasing and managing company software. That was just company policy.

However, over the course of intranet history, intranet sites have become easier to use and tailored toward the non-IT admin. It is now possible to move content management out of the hands of IT (who, let’s face it, do way too much work already), and into the hands of those who own and want to share the content.

A Content Management Example

In the case of a homegrown intranet site, if the Marketing Department wanted to post a new update on marketing initiatives for employees, they would have to email their IT team the content to be posted. IT would then put the task in their queue, and in a couple days it would be uploaded to the site. How quickly the content is posted would really depend on the workload of the IT team at that moment.

With Intranet Connections, the Marketing Manager can go to the intranet site, and has been given permissions to post in their Marketing News application, so they simply hit the “add” button within the application to post new content. The Simple HTML Editor allows them to upload videos or images to complement their posting, and features such as comments, ratings, archive dates, review dates and read confirmation allow them to tailor their post to meet the specific needs of that content.

It’s Not a Free-For-All

“Sure!” You may say. “Open up our intranet site to just allow anyone to start posting willy-nilly, that doesn’t sound like trouble at all”. If so, I would have to agree with your sarcasm.

Your company culture will directly impact how much flexibility you allow on your intranet site. At Intranet Connections, each employee is an Intranet Admin. Everyone has the ability to post anywhere among the site, and we are respectful of this responsibility (perhaps with the exception of our Graphic Designer, who has a special flair for posting intranet memes of his fellow coworkers).

In most cases, you will want to limit who can post what types of content. Therefore, we offer Granular Security throughout your intranet. You can apply permissions at the site, application and even the folder level on your intranet. Permissions can be applied to groups, or specific individuals.

In addition to granular security, Intranet Connections also allows you to add approval managers at the folder level of an application. So, your marketing news application can be open to all marketing employees to post to, however your Marketing Manager reviews all content before it is posted.

Granular Security for Fun Content Management

Our granular security and approval workflow means that those who want to make changes to the site and post content, are in control. Content on your intranet site will be more robust, more engaging and updated more quickly if those who want to share information with employees are given the ability to do so.

Have any more tips on how to make content management less of a headache and more fun? Let me know by commenting below!

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:18+00:00 February 16, 2015|Best Practices, Intranet Software|

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