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Managing Corporate Growth: A Fathom SEO Case Study

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The landscape of web marketing is always changing and shifting so it’s no surprise that Fathom SEO, a leader in online marketing, was eager to put a new intranet in place to assist with knowledge management. Fathom SEO, understood the importance of a dynamic, scalable intranet as their previous intranet was static and required users to know HTML to update information. The company also faced the challenge of on-boarding and training new employees in a timely fashion.

The very first decision the company had to make was whether to build their own custom intranet or to buy out-of-the box software. After deeming SharePoint too labor intensive and not a good allocation of development resources, Fathom SEO ultimately decided that purchasing a packaged intranet solution was the most cost effective and timely route to set up their new site. With a very quick growth rate, the company knew they needed a solution that would be scalable and very quickly deployed so they decided to evaluate Intranet Connections.

Kurt Krejny, Director of SEM Best Practices, took the lead on the intranet evaluation and kicked things off with a web demo walkthrough of Intranet Connections. Following the demo, Kurt jumped right into his trial site, began to build a shell of their intranet and within a couple of days knew the software would fit their needs. The main factors that ultimately led Fathom SEO to their decision to select Intranet Connections were:

  • The flexibility of the software as regular updates and enhancements are provided
  • Low setup overhead
  • Ease of use
  • Deep functionality and applications
  • Scalability as licensing was one low price for unlimited administrators and end users

Using the pre-built applications available in Intranet Connections, Fathom SEO has been able to accomplish the following goals on their intranet:

Engaging Employees
By using Discussion Forms and weekly Quick Polls, users have a voice in the company to share their experiences and ideas for best practices. In turn, this helps Fathom SEO to refine their processes and procedures. Due to the open publishing model that Fathom SEO has adopted, the intranet has had great buy-in with employees as everyone can contribute to the site and share their knowledge.

Departmental Involvement
As Intranet Connections had a low learning curve, Kurt was able to hold a short training session with each department and within 2 months, all of the departmental sub-sites had been populated with all the relevant information users needed access to. A documents and policies area has also been set up within each department/service line’s sub-site so that all of the documents and best practices related to that product line are stored in one central location and are fully searchable.

On-boarding New Hires
The intranet has been invaluable with on-boarding new hires in a quick and efficient manner as all of the necessary new employee information and forms are stored on the intranet. New employees can easily find new coworkers’ contact information and learn about who they are working with through the Employee Directory.

Coordinating Business Objectives
Fathom SEO has set up an area on the intranet dedicated to the online promotion of the company. This area has helped them to set up a publishing schedule of blog posts and coordinate their social media presence.

Going forward, Fathom SEO plans to find ways to facilitate their company core values and corporate culture via their intranet. They see the intranet as playing a key role in supporting their company mission and value proposition and we are interested to see how they do so in the coming months.

About Fathom SEO:

Fathom SEO, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is a leader in online marketing, including Search Engine Optimization and Online PR/Link Building, Pay-Per-Click Management, Internet Video Marketing, and Opt-in Email Marketing programs. Fathom SEO is recognized as a leading search engine marketing firm with more than 10 years’ experience achieving high search engine rankings for clients across dozens of industries. Advertising Age has named Fathom SEO among the top 20 search engine marketing agencies since 2007. In 2010 Fathom SEO was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in America. Visit http://www.fathomseo.com for more information.

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By | 2018-09-27T15:49:20+00:00 February 1, 2011|Customer Stories|

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  1. Kurt Krejny February 2, 2011 at 10:40 am - Reply

    Rachel, we love your Intranet platform and it has helped us tremendously during our rapid growth. Thank you for allowing us to share the progress we’ve made and problems we’ve solved to continue to grow in the right direction. We hope this is helpful to other companies similar to us that encountered the same issues with their Intranet.

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