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Measuring Intranet Adoption with Intranet Stats

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In managing your intranet, it is important to perform “temperature checks” to understand whether or not you are keeping your intranet relevant in the minds of your users and to measure intranet adoption. These checks will indicate which areas of your site are popular and unpopular, translating to whether employees are finding what they are looking for on your intranet.

This blog post focuses on our built-in Intranet Stats Software that can help you measurably report the effect and impact of your intranet.

Report on Intranet Performance

Why use Intranet Stats? You report on all areas of productivity and profitability in your organization, why not on intranet adoption? Within the latest version of Intranet Connections, we have added a “Views” count for the individual subsites you’ve created on the intranet – these could be team/department, project or community sites, etc.

The Intranet Stats Software will aggregate all the “Views” from the various applications and pages created for each site. With one glance, you can see which intranet subsites are getting the most traction. Breaking this down further, you can see the number of “Views” for each application and page within the intranet sub-sites. Reviewing your intranet stats will reveal the areas on your sites that resonate with your users and the areas that need some work.

intranet stats viewsIntranet Stats Granularity

If you are looking for more granular information that drills down to what specific content is being accessed the most, our Intranet Stats Software can tell you that too. On a recent support call with one of my favorite clients, she requested the ability to uncover who makes the changes to files and policies on their intranet. The company needed a report in order to facilitate their auditing process. With our Intranet Stats Software, I was quickly able to show her where she could find this detailed statistical information, launched right from inside their intranet.

Got Stats?

It is easy to access your intranet stats within Intranet Connections, click the ‘Stats’ link from your administrative links at the top of a page. If this link is not displaying for you, contact your friendly Intranet Connections Support Services Team and we’ll get you set up.

Intranet Stats gives you robust reporting tools, such as the who, what, when and where of your intranet.

When using the “Visits” tab, you can break down by individual applications or by departments. This particular tab was key for one of our customers who was planning to redesign their intranet and wanted to remove all unused and unnecessary content.

In the example below, we can see there are various hits that are broken down by the legend below the pie chart. This helps give a bigger picture look at the areas that are most viewed on the intranet.

Intranet Statistics & Analytics

This is just one of the reports you can use with our Intranet Stats Software. There are many others, such as your Top Contributors of Content on the intranet, all the way down to the Type of Browsers your employees are using to access the intranet.

Translates Stats to Action Items

Intranet Stats can be used in a number of ways. The Number of Hits shows you which content is the most popular – additionally this can show which content is the easiest to locate.

The benefits this intranet feature provides is immeasurable by leading the breadcrumb trail to what works vs. what may need to be re-worked/re-designed to attract users to other areas of your intranet and understand intranet adoption. Since Intranet Stats can identify your top contributors – work with them to help create an engaging experience to bring more users to other areas of your intranet!

Intranet Stats Access

Super administrators of your intranet will have access to the Intranet Stats option. This allows them to monitor the changes on your site. Reports can be exported to PDF or Excel in order to share specific data with managers and employees.

Have any further questions about how Intranet Stats can be used? Do you currently use Intranet Stats on your intranet? If yes, what information do you find the most helpful for you? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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