At Intranet Connections, we  aim to provide our blog readers with value added content that is educational and inspirational.  To assist you with building a better intranet, we will post valuable intranet links on our blog every Monday.

Check out this week’s links:

>> Get employees to use your intranet by making it fun to visit: The Company Intranet, User Adoption and What’s In a Name

>> To have a successful digital workplace, organizations must have the right strategy, culture, environment and infrastructure to exploit the benefits fully:  7 Ways to Engage People in a Digital Workplace

>> Transform an intranet into a functioning internal community with web 2.0 features: The Evolution of the Corporate Intranet

>>Learn how Intranet Connections customers use our collaboration software to build upon their dynamic culture and promote employee engagement: Social  Intranets Unleashed

Stay tuned, we will continue to post new intranet content to our Intranet Connections blog every Thursday!

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