New Year, New Intranet? 4 Signs You Need a New Intranet Solution

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New Year, New Intranet? 4 Signs You Need a New Intranet Solution

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Summary: 4 common pain points you may experience with your old intranet solution, and when it’s time to consider purchasing a new one.

A new year often means a fresh start. For many, it’s the time of year for people to reflect on the past year. For others, it’s a time to set goals for the year ahead. But don’t worry, this blog won’t guilt you into dusting off your old set of dumbbells taking up a corner of your basement. Instead, I’ll outline if the new year means it’s time to consider purchasing a new intranet solution. If you and your organization are experiencing the below 4 pain points, it’s time for a fresh start with a new intranet solution.

1. Spending too much time searching for resources

If it is taking employees too long to find important resources, such as documents, forms or files, it is time to consider a new  intranet solution. Your intranet should be the hub of information and resources necessary for employees to get their jobs done more efficiently and effectively. If it is taking too long to locate these resources, chances are productivity is decreasing. Employees will eventually get frustrated with time wasted looking for resources, and abandon your intranet completely.

Resolution: when looking for a new intranet solution, ensure it has good enterprise search functionality, such as Super Search. Employees should be able to locate the most important resources through simple and intuitive navigation, but for instances when they can’t, a quick search should do the trick so no more time is wasted locating resources.

2. Taking too long to make necessary changes or updates

If a necessary change to your intranet takes more than a couple hours, and in turn makes it difficult for someone to do their job, it’s time for a new intranet solution. Your intranet is designed to assist with the day to day work tasks of your employees. If an employee requests an update or change, it should be immediate.

Often, intranet software is left in the hands of IT to update. However, IT is already busy enough with their work priorities and don’t necessarily have the time to drop what their doing to make simple changes to the intranet. Instead, it is important that updates are left in the hands of the people who use your intranet – your everyday employees. This avoids time lost waiting for someone else to update the intranet.

Resolution: when looking for a new intranet solution, choose one that is simple to use and has delegation rights. This ensures different people can own different areas of your intranet site, and make the required changes necessary for people to complete their job tasks immediately.

3. Decreasing communication and collaboration

Your intranet is a place for employees to share resources, post announcements, collaborate on projects and more. If these things aren’t happening on your intranet, and are decreasing in your organization, it is time to look for a new intranet solution. Open communication is becoming more important than ever for organizations, and your intranet should posses the tools necessary to improve communication and collaboration between colleagues, departments and even office locations. This can anything from a robust People Directory to collaborative Project or Department Sites. If your employees aren’t using your intranet to communicate, and instead are finding that  your intranet actually hinders communication, it’s time you consider moving forward with a new solution.

Resolution: before looking for a new intranet solution, survey employees on what the common communication pain points in the organization are. From there, evaluate only intranet providers that offer a solution to these pain points.

4. Spending money on third-party resources

A good indication it’s time for a new intranet solution is if you have to hire a third-party resource to maintain and update your intranet because it’s too complicated and time-consuming to do it on your own. Hiring a third-party resource to make changes to your intranet can be extremely costly. Having an intranet that is too complicated and too costly to update on your own is essentially useless. Many of our customers ran into this issue with their SharePoint intranets before starting fresh with Intranet Connections. Often, SharePoint proved to be too complicated to maintain, and therefore an expensive SharePoint expert needed to be hired. Once they exhausted their intranet budget on the third-party resource, they just stopped updating and using the intranet completely.

Resolution: before purchasing a new intranet solution, ensure it is simple enough to update on your own, no expensive third-party resource required. Your intranet shouldn’t continue to cost you money.

Your New Intranet Solution

There are several things you will need to take into consideration when purchasing new intranet software. To help guide you through the process, check out another blog I wrote discussing tips for finding and purchasing a new intranet solution.

If you’re experiencing any of the above pain points and are looking to purchase a new intranet solution, comment below with your questions. I am happy to help!

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