New Year, New Intranet: Suggestions For Office Improvement

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New Year, New Intranet: Suggestions For Office Improvement

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Summary:  It’s a brand new year, time to start with fresh suggestions for office improvement and eliminate ineffective processes with a brand new intranet.

If you’re like the hundreds of organizations I’ve worked with over the years, discussions of a new intranet or an intranet upgrade have probably been on the table for a while. Email overload, frustrations of locating documents on the shared drive, and lengthy approval processes have all created grumbles from staff and the consensus is “we need a better way to do this.” So why haven’t you implemented an out-of-the-box business intranet that can easily handle all these pains and make your employees’ work lives simpler?

Because “who has the time??”

Most see an intranet project as a huge endeavor.  Evaluating solutions and designing and implementing a new site seems like a large undertaking, especially with so many other projects going on. So, it gets “put on the backburner” and year after year the business continues with what it has, frustrations and inefficiencies and all. So, in honor of the new year, make suggestions for office improvements a top priority.

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The Intranet Misconception

An intranet implementation is not what it used to be; with product experts and pre-built out of the box intranets designed based on customer best practices, your evaluation and implementation time are now minimal.

  • Average evaluation of a new intranet is 30 – 90 days
  • Average implementation time of an Intranet Connections intranet is 30 – 90 days

So, you could have a brand-new fully functional intranet branded to your organization within 2-6 months.

Still think you don’t have time?

Suggestions For Office Improvement: Evaluating Intranet Options

When looking for solutions you’ll want to find a knowledgeable Sales Rep.  Not the old-school salesy type that’s just trying to earn your business, but someone who has worked with other organizations for years to evaluate and implement an intranet and who is a product expert. You’ll know by the way they ask questions, and how they present their product in the demo.

A knowledgeable sales rep will help you outline the features that are going to be the most helpful in resolving the challenges you’ve outlined, and know all the information that your organization is going to need to make an informed decision.  This cuts your evaluation time down significantly.

Implementing Your Intranet

Ease-of-use is going to be key here.

Be wary of intranet providers that “handle the implementation for you”.

An intranet is a long-term investment (our customers have been with us on average 7 years), so if the software you choose isn’t easy enough that someone internally with no IT knowledge can set up and configure the intranet, what are the chances they’re going to be able to make updates to it down the road?

Choose a provider with the “you can do it, we can help” mentality.  Included admin training, onboarding guidance and unlimited support – but a platform that is easy enough that it doesn’t require someone else to build it out for you.

At Intranet Connections, our intranet comes as a pre-built template. From there, customizations can be done through drag-n-drop and inline editing, including site design. Other simple tools like multiple file upload drag-n-drop for documents, Active Directory Sync, and granular security permissions to allow for delegation, means most site as up and running in as little as 1-3 months.

For ongoing questions, we have a monthly training webinar that any new admins can attend, and we offer unlimited email and phone support (yes – a real person, no lengthy phone tree!). For self-learning, our online Help Center also contains articles, videos, and how-tos.

Ready to get started?  Contact me with any questions or to schedule a demo and kick-start your intranet project.

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About the Author:

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Diploma in Business from Simon Fraser University, Karleen gained experience in the software industry teaching Open Text eDocs. She then began a support role at Intranet Connections, quickly becoming a product specialist and eventually moved into her current role as a Client Services Representative. Karleen helps organizations assess the benefits of implementing an Intranet Connections intranet within their organization.


  1. Erika Taylor February 26, 2018 at 8:39 am - Reply

    You’ve written that the “average evaluation of a new intranet is 30 – 90 days”. Could you please clarify what happens during this evaluation time? Is it just some kind of warm-up phase for the staff?

    • Caitlin Percival February 27, 2018 at 1:16 pm - Reply

      Hi Erika, The evaluation time is referring to the time an organization takes to choose a new intranet solution. The person streamlining the project will likely start by researching solutions, narrowing down to a few providers. They will then pull in other team members for a live demo of the software, where they walk through the features most relevant to their project.
      After initial demos usually the team will trial the software, and narrow down their selection to 1 or 2 providers for a second demo to ask any remaining questions.
      A provider is then chosen, contract reviewed, and invoice sent out.
      If you’d like a short conversation about how an intranet might help your organization please email our Client Services team at clientservices@intranetconnections.com

      • Erika Taylor March 4, 2018 at 10:05 pm - Reply

        HI Caitlin, thank you very much for your comprehensive reply! 🙂

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