Meet Felipe: Part of The Team Behind The Next Great Intranet Design

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Meet Felipe: Part of The Team Behind The Next Great Intranet Design

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Summary:  One of our newest intranet design employees was featured in VanHack’s videos about how Felipe got hired in Vancouver in 12 days.

Felipe is a new member of the growing development team at SQBox (all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil). His primary focus on the team is to help develop the newest version of the Intranet Connections product with his exceptional front-end development and experience in intranet design. He’s integrated well in a few short weeks and if his early contributions are an indication of what is to come, he’s certain to be a very valuable development team member.

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What Is Your Role and Responsibilities At Intranet Connections:

I’m a front-end developer and my responsibilities include turning our intranet design into code using modern technologies while providing our users with a great experience.

Introduction/Prior Experience:

I have been a front-end developer and a web designer for the past 9 years. My passion for designing and coding web apps started in 2008 when I attended some classes at College of San Mateo in California. Since then, I have worked on different projects from big companies to small startups in Brazil, my home country.

How Long Have You Been Working For Intranet Connections?

I have been working at Intranet Connections for 3 months. It feels like 3 years, though. Which is great!

What Has Been Your Favourite Project At Intranet Connections?

We are working on a new toolbar for our product which will make it easier for users to use great features that we have such as bookmarking and accessing their intranet pages easily, update their status and an update reminder for the admins. This toolbar adds to our product not only a better user experience but also a leading-edge approach to our intranet design and code.

Which Core Value Do You Relate To The Most? Simplicity, Positivity, Integrity, Creativity or Empathy?

Every day, I try to use simplicity to do my job. As a developer, I must break problems into smaller steps to solve them faster.

What’s One Intranet Feature You Can’t Work Without and how do you use it:

I really enjoy the “What’s new feed”. It allows myself to keep updated on what’s going on in other departments.

What Do You Like To Do Outside Of Work?

I love to cook! I really enjoy discovering new recipes, mixing new flavors or replicating famous restaurants’ dishes. On Sundays, we like to gather our family and friends at home, where the elderly share family recipes and teach the young how to prepare them. The best part about cooking is that we are able to share our experiences while reinforcing our bonds.

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?

Keep pushing.

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By | 2018-02-19T15:42:35+00:00 February 9, 2018|Meet the Team|

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