4 Tips to Create An Amazing Office Culture

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4 Tips to Create An Amazing Office Culture

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Summary:  Your office culture is a crucial part of the workplace. We’ve compiled 4 tips to keep your workplace full of happy, productive employees.

According to the Corporate Leadership Council, “engaged and satisfied employees feel a profound connection to their company and are driven to help their employers succeed.” And—in addition to the obvious elements such as job duties, benefits, and salary—culture is a major factor in how happy employees feel in their jobs.

But creating a good culture goes well beyond the typical perks like annual bonuses and Friday drinks. It’s about establishing an atmosphere where people feel positive, purposeful, appreciated and engaged—not just in what they’re doing, but with the overall company.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

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1. Establish Core Values and Goals

 Bring the team together, set goals, and develop a set of values you’ll stick to, you can go a long way in inspiring success. Go out for lunch and brainstorm on what your company needs to do in order to accomplish the goals. Share your goals for the team through the company news with an explanation of your reasoning, then send an internal survey to receive input. Your team members will be more engaged in their tasks and projects when they know what they’re working towards, and when they have a sense for how their work contributes to the company’s success.

Then, really listen to everyone’s feedback, and talk about what it’ll take to reach the goals you laid out. Afterward, come up with a set of values that reflect their suggestions. Not only will this help everyone buy into the same core values, it will establish a sense of accountability to follow them.

2. Create Fun Work Spaces

People spend most of their time at work, so why not have work be a place that reflects what makes them happy? Encourage your team members to express their personalities in their workspaces. Come up with a fun decorating challenge for the office. This can stir creativity and develop a more relaxed office culture. Creating enticing break rooms or collaboration areas within the office is also a great way to foster inventiveness and bring the team together. Google is one company that’s truly embraced this mentality. Each office around the world has decor that reflects the country and local culture, showing off the region’s personality. At many offices, bicycles and scooters are available to travel between meetings, common spaces are full of foosball, pool tables, and video games. There are plenty of cheaper options that can still make your workspace unique—set up a quick board game in the break room or bring in your Wii and host a bowling championship once a month, we recently had an event here at Intranet Connections where we played “Beer Pong” with water of course…

3. Plan Team Outings

Allowing the team to bond outside of the workplace helps everyone to get to know each other on a more personal level, an opportunity that doesn’t always present itself during the daily grind. Group outings can be as simple as a monthly breakfast club, signing up for a volleyball team, or social drinks once a month. You can even assign one or two team members to plan the activity each month, which will help ensure that the group activities are viewed as fun, not boss-mandated!

Here at Intranet Connections, we like to occasionally play team soccer after work in the summer, and in the winter because of our beautiful location in North Vancouver, we hit up the mountains behind the office with our ski’s or snowboards in tow.

While every company has rules (and budgetary restrictions), most will allow managers a little leeway to motivate their team. Motivated employees mean greater productivity, and that means more revenue, right? Plus, steps like sharing the company’s “bigger picture” and brainstorming team values don’t cost a thing. To get the most out of your group, do what you can to improve their daily work experience and develop a culture where everyone believes in what he or she does, and in the company—because that’s what inspires people to do their best.

4. Communicate!

Here at Intranet Connections, we all get together once a month on a Friday for Town Hall. The office provides lunch and discusses what is currently happening in the departments in the business and where we are headed for the next month, quarter etc. It is a fantastic way to keep employees engaged and really feel apart of the “family” or movement of where the business is headed. We are constantly looking for ways to continually improve our office culture through open communication. That’s why we use our own Intranet Software in multiple channels every day to keep everybody informed of company news, announcements, birthdays, employee recognition & much more.

Do you have any  questions about how you can improve your office culture? Leave us a comment below!

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