It would be putting it mildly if I were to say that I am a strong advocate of Twitter. Since starting to tweet in March 2009 I see the power of Twitter in my daily life as it has helped me to connect with intranet and internal communications professionals all over the world. The knowledge sharing, conversations and collaboration that occurs via Twitter is amazing and I can honestly say that my view of intranets and intranet strategy has been broadened by these individuals.

Along with meeting intranet professionals, Twitter has also allowed me to connect with a number of our clients in the Twittersphere. I’m always happy to hear from clients online and it really helps me personally to put a face to a name. Intranet Connections would not be the product that it is today without our clients as it is their feedback and suggestions that drive our development and upgrade features.

As the Holiday Season is upon us, we would like to give back to the community at large by donating $100 to a charity of our clients’ choosing.

If you’re an Intranet Connections client and would like to participate in this campaign, you can do so in one of two ways:

  1. On Twitter– tweet the following text before December 24th, fill in your company name along with the name of the charity of your choice and we will donate $100 on your behalf:“Hey @rachellai83 I want #IntranetConnections to donate $100 on behalf of [Your Company Name] to [Charity Name]!”
  2. On LinkedIn – add Carolyn Douglas to your network on LinkedIn, write a recommendation for Intranet Connections on her account and we will contact you to find out which charity you’d like us to donate $100 to.

We hope you participate and help us to give back!

Read what Veronica Wei Sopher, previously with Ben Bridge Jewellers, said after we donated $100 to Food Lifeline last year:

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