Three Tips to Improve The Employee Onboarding Process

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Three Tips to Improve The Employee Onboarding Process

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Summary: Starting a new position can be challenging; here are the top three features of your Intranet to ease the employee onboarding process.

Like the old saying ‘Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day. You teach them to fish and you give them an occupation that will feed them for a lifetime’  The same applies to new hires at a company.  You can give a new hire the information they are looking for ad-hoc, but supply the resources in a collaborative software and teach them how to retrieve the answers themselves, and they’ll thrive. Information retention will ensure an onboarding process goes full steam ahead!

For the best onboarding and learning experience, put yourself in the shoes of the new hire to ensure they have everything they need.

1. All aboard!

An online Onboarding process is the best resource you can provide a new hire with.  Don’t have one yet? Check out resources on how to build one and what to include on an employee onboarding checklist

New hires will have lots of questions; assign a new hire a ‘training buddy’ or designate an onboarding mentor to help them with orientation and answering common questions. Alternately, build a comprehensive FAQ section.

An employee directory and an organization chart are useful ways of introducing new hires to their peers as well as the hierarchy in the company.

Important documents that need to be signed or information that needs to return to HR can also be accessed at a glance in the onboarding process area. Checklists help employees work through at their own pace to complete tasks related to this process.

TIP: Consider granting *pre-boarding* access for a new hire.  We easily forget the curiosity and anxiety that can come in the days before starting a new job.

Learning about the company and future co-workers ahead of time can help a new hire feel more familiar on their first day.

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2. Onboarding Process: Training day

Everybody absorbs information differently; some people are great at reading and processing information, others respond better to images and/or audio.  The key here is to deliver information in a format that the employee will best resonate with. Give employees the option to pick a format that works for their learning style.

A training section is useful for both new and existing employees. Certain industries require updates to training on a yearly basis.  Regardless of company size, delivering training content via your intranet will increase efficiency, build confidence and skill set of your employees.

TIP: Use video to boost engagement.  You can easily embed videos (or link to external video sites) in your posts.

Consider using the Online training calendar  so that employees can see when upcoming classes are being held at a glance.  This also makes registration a breeze.

3. Questions? Answers!

An underestimated feature from Intranet Connections’ is the built-in Enterprise Search.  It’s included in your Intranet from Intranet Connections (other providers charge extra for this feature).  Every document and page is full-text indexed and highly relevant results are returned in a ‘Google-y’ format that users are familiar with.  There’s even a preview pane to see if the document is the one you’re looking for. If a new hire can search and retrieve information for themselves, it will save time, can prevent embarrassment and lead to higher knowledge retention (The whole ‘teach how to fish…’ approach again)

Admins can even run reports to assess what search terms employees are looking for the most, and see what terms did not yield results.  This is a great way to discover what content you should consider adding to your Intranet.  Explore the advanced features of Enterprise Search to see if it can help your company.


Now that you know what areas a new employee will spend most of their time in, you can tailor the content to deliver the most impactful experience. New hires will feel more welcome, less anxious, will orient themselves faster and the costs (not only money, but time as well) of bringing an employee aboard will decrease.

The Intranet Analytics (released June, 2017) feature provides even more insight into how employees make use of your Intranet; where there is room to improve and what is working well.  Learn more about these upcoming features.

Have you built a successful onboarding process or delivered Training via your intranet?  How did that go? Share by commenting below!

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