Online Forms & Workflows are at the Center of Intranet ROI

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Online Forms & Workflows are at the Center of Intranet ROI

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In a recent post, I talked about how intranets have matured and are becoming a must-have within the enterprise. There are a lot of soft return on investment (ROI) impacts of intranets, including social, collaborative and employee recognition applications that lend to employee morale, retention and fostering company culture.

But where is the bottom line ROI, that equates to real dollar value and return on your investment?

Increase Return on Investment

With Intranet Connections, the most robust feature is our Online Forms and attached Automated Workflows. Online Forms enables users to submit pre-made electronic forms, or fill out tests that are automatically scored, or enter in surveys that provide feedback on corporate initiatives.

Not only do our Online Forms move you from paper into the online realm, we add in powerful tools that can be embedded with ease into your forms, such as spreadsheets, formulas, field triggers and other smart tools that truly give intelligence to your forms. Moving paper-based forms and workflow procedures online has saved our customers time, headaches, freed up resources and saved money year after year.

Streamline Business Processes

How do most customers move their paper-based forms onto their intranets?

There is no doubt it takes time to make this move, but it is a one-time process. Your electronic forms then live for life on the intranet, where you can now control, search, archive and report on the resulting data.

To get started, we often encourage customers to pick five top forms that employees use all the time. Then bring up our easy-to-use Form Builder Tool. This allows you to add in fields, and essentially mirror the paper form where employees can load the form via the intranet and fill it out, submitting it online.

Submissions then can go through our simple, or extensive (you control) Automated Workflow Approval and routing process. This is where the real power kicks in and can save you on the bottom line ROI. We’ve seen it hundreds of time with our customers – check out our case study on Gold Coast Hospital, who have used our Online Forms and Automated Workflow to save their ER Department annually in eLearning and Training Credentialing.

Automate and Customize

Automated Workflow can be set up in stages, and effectively routes the form data to supervisors, department managers, HR and whomever else you choose (including groups), in order for them to take action (such as approvals).  You can also add in tasks to the workflow. Intranet Connections does this work automatically, without any effort on your part. Notifications and alerts are sent out to people in the workflow so that they know their action is needed. A full history is recorded of this process on each and every form submission and kept for auditing purposes, something that is often a requirement for our financial customers.

The robustness of Online Forms and Automated Workflows is in its scalability and far-reaching customizations. We see customers build processes we didn’t even consider possible with this tool. It has taken what is often a passive, static intranet utility and delivered on business value with a powerhouse tool that effectively yields real returns that affect the bottom line of operating expenses. We are seeing our Online Forms and Automated Workflows used for:

The Power of Online Forms

When heavily laden paper processes can be moved online, simplified, streamlined and automated – and is part of an easy to use intranet site that employees love and see as their go-to resource for everything corporate… it really is a win-win not just for departmental budgets, but for the overall effectiveness of your intranet.

How does your organization utilize Online Forms and Automated Workflows to streamline business processes? Let me know but commenting below!

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:14+00:00 April 27, 2015|Intranet Applications, Intranet Software|

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