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How to Optimize Your Finance Intranet for Financial Planning Week

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As Financial Planning Week descends upon us, the hustle and bustle of getting your bank, credit union or financial firm prepared for this busy week is daunting. The good news? Your Financial Intranet can help by eliminating the dozens of emails that need to be sent to all employees, providing a central depository for all related documents to be stored and educating/training staff on financial planning week initiatives.

Want more good news? This blog is packed with great ideas on how you leverage your Financial Intranet to accomplish all this and more. Have a browse and let me know if you come up with even more ideas on leveraging your intranet for Financial Planning Week.

Share The Wealth

finaicial planning week - tip feedQuickly share financial planning tips that your employees can use when speaking with clients. Use a Multi-Variable Feed to have a ‘Financial Tip’ fed to your homepage or branch site, that can update hourly or daily, to provide an insightful or valuable tip that employees can share with your members/clients.

For Example:

  • Day 1: Take full advantage of every dollar you spend this holiday season, utilize reward programs (e.g. our credit card with air miles) to squeeze the most value out of your holiday spending.
  • Day 2: Choosing an investment advisor can be a difficult decision, but is an integral component to helping you reach your financial goals. Would you like a chance to meet one of our advisors today?
  • Day 3: A good way to avoid a cash-flow problem is spacing out your reoccurring payments so that you aren’t paying all of them on the same week of each month.

Investing for the Future

knowledge share on your finance intranetAnother means to help your employees impart financial knowledge during Financial Planning Week is by building a Financial Planning Self-Training section for employees on your Financial Intranet. Putting together videos, documents, fact sheets and product offerings centralized around educating clients about the importance of Financial Planning, arms your team with the materials they need to engage in financial planning conversations during each client interaction.

To test their knowledge gained from this material, you can also build an Online Test with automated scoring that provide instant pass or fail results, giving the feedback many independent learners need along the way to improve.

Planning for Success

member services - financial intranetPlan for Financial Planning Week success utilizing the Events Calendar. Prominently display your upcoming Financial Planning events on your intranet home page to promote your events and financial planning initiatives. Leveraging the power of Events Calendars, you can even tie in a registration form for volunteer opportunities at these events.

Keeping all your employees informed and engaged through communicating these events and ideas through your intranet will help them effectively communicate these opportunities to your customers, achieving your ultimate goal.

The Member Services Group on your Financial Intranet could also be heavily leveraged during Financial Planning Week. Updating the Quick Links available to tellers and all customer-facing staff with financial planning resources, both internal or external, will help with further employee education.

Help your front-line/client-facing employees remember the rewards and benefits you offer for participating in your Financial Planning Services with the Member Rewards feature on your Finance Intranet. It provides a quick access to all rewards you offer to clientele for your client-facing staff to share at each point of contact. A great time to remind clients of those mileage perks!

Financial Planning Week Success

financial intranet ideas exchangeExecuting a successful financial planning week is truly all in how well you, well…PLAN and execute your initiatives. Luckily, your intranet can be a great help in both the planning and execution stage as discussed above. If you have other ideas on how to use your Financial Intranet to aid you during Financial Planning Week, I’d love to hear about them – please comment below.

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