What’s in the Out-of-the-Box Intranet?

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What’s in the Out-of-the-Box Intranet?

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Summary:  While you’re unwrapping your ‘in the box’ purchases on Boxing Day, we’d like to let you know how we’ve made our software an out-of-the-box intranet, with ready-made applications ready to go.

We know for a fact that Boxing Day is both a bank and civic holiday observed in the commonwealth nations, but where did this tradition originate? Boxing Day is in many opinions that “extra” day when people take advantage of discount prices and shop (and shop and shop) until they drop. This modern treatment for Boxing Day is so popular the discounts are sometimes extended for a week or more. However, our current celebration of Boxing Day is far removed from the origins of the day itself. While there are various origin stories for Boxing Day, the most common describe it as a day where service persons are recognized by customers or employers for their service and awarded a “Christmas Box” as a gratuity or token of appreciation.

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Here are some of the more popular and oft used “out of the box” features of Intranet Connections.

1. Active Directory Synchronization 2.0

For organizations seeking to import users from an Active Directory domain server, our revamped AD Synchronization provides an easy-to-use interface and tools to import your AD users and groups.

2. Company News

One of the most important parts of an intranet is providing internal communications in the form of Company News and Announcements. At SQBox, our Company News is front and center on the Intranet via the application feed widget.

3. Document Management with Read & Confirm

The Documents application has long been a staple of the Intranet Connections software. With the release of 13.5 Policy Assist in June of 2016, Document Read & Confirm was improved with historic read lists, a reports dashboard and personal reminder widget.

4. Online Forms

Intranet Connections Online Forms is possibly the most flexible and feature rich area of the Intranet. You can design complex forms with section and triggers and multi-stage approval workflows.

4. Site Stats

Our most recent release for IC named Intranet Insights, is a modern well-crafted stats application with dashboard views into employee engagement, popular search phrases, and document/application usage. The new stats application allows you compare statistics over concurrent periods of time to view trends in employee engagement with the Intranet.

We hope that your holiday season is filled with joy and happiness and Boxing Day (however you celebrate it) is great right out of the box.

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By | 2017-12-26T11:37:35+00:00 December 25, 2017|Finance Intranet|

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