At Intranet Connections, we feel that connecting and empowering your employees through a social intranet leads to having a more engaged and productive team. With a social intranet you can reach out to your coworkers to share business tools, ask questions and learn from one another. Our new Employee Directory introduces social profiles that embrace collaboration and social tools which allows employees to better communicate, connect and learn from each other. Take a look inside Intranet Connections new Social Directory:

Rich Social Profiles

Rich social profiles make finding contact information and connecting with colleagues simple. Employees can connect and engage with each other through message walls; follow colleagues to get quick information about coworkers; update their status to show their whereabouts; and set subscriptions to receive automatic alerts. Customizable widgets and bookmarks allow you to select which content you want to receive to keep you informed about information that caters to you. Personalize your “workspace” with skills and tags that add value to your role within the organization.

Message Walls

Similar to Facebook, posting and sharing on our employee walls is easy. You can embed video, quick links to documents, news, events, community pages or other intranet content; give kudos to a team member, or post a challenge that you need advice on. Message walls foster communication between employees and your executives by allowing them to publicly share knowledge and gather feedback from the organization.

Follow Colleagues

Follow colleagues to help you organize who you connect with. The colleague activity feed allows you to monitor a feed of wall posts and conversations from your colleagues. Follow colleagues that you work closely with for better collaboration or connect with your peer in a different office. Ask questions and tap the knowledge of your peers to better serve customers. The ability to follow colleague’s means that you can keep up-to-date on contributions they make to wall conversations.

Status Updates

Now you can keep everyone in the know with Status Updates. Status updates tell everyone, at a glance, what projects people are working on, if they are in a meeting, at a conference, working from home, or on vacation. You have the flexibility to update your status as often as you like to keep everyone in the know about your whereabouts.

Online Chat

Does your company rely heavily on email? Online chat provides a quick way to ask questions in a private one-on–one conversation with a colleague or team member to reduce back and forth emails. You can easily find out the status of a project or organize a last minute meeting with online chat.

Employee Tagging

In the Social Employee Directory you can choose to tag information about people, which then groups them based on the tag. For example, you may choose to tag employees “Toastmasters” who are skilled in public speaking. Or you could tag employees involved mentoring, training or have specific technical knowledge. Employee tagging is available site wide so that you can quickly search someone’s profile or use the “TAGS” filter to categorize what you are looking for.

A social intranet is a tool for people to help each other. To learn how you can leverage our new social intranet tools to work for your organization, take a tour or watch our recorded webinar.


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