Your Intranet as a Project Collaboration Tool

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Your Intranet as a Project Collaboration Tool

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Summary:  Leverage your intranet as a collaboration tool to help employees connect and share on projects sites.

An intranet is an invaluable collaboration tool for multi-departmental projects.  Many people believe that an intranet as something that only lives and breathes in the mysterious realm of the IT team.  With an Intranet from Intranet Connections, you have many tools built-in that will help you collaborate on any project; no 20-sided dice rolling or magic hat required.  Here’s how you can make the most of them.

Collaboration Tools


Internal communication tools help employees connect and share; the first step to effective collaboration. Share information with your team using the following tools:

  • Message boards – distribute information such as project progress and goals while eliminating the need to send all staff emails.
  • Live chat – have a quick question? Don’t pick up the phone or wait for an email to be read, just send them a quick message for an immediate response.
  • Discussion forums – share ideas and information in a forum that everyone in the project can follow along.
  • Project sites – create a project site to collect and retain project-specific documents, discussion, status updates in one spot.
  • Internal blog – an internal blog is useful for when one-way communication is required. You can even expose the blog to members outside of the project; useful for sharing with the rest of the company what you’re working on.

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Helpful Applications

  • Task manager – keep members up to date and on-track.
  • Document review – essential to keeping your project and content on-track.  Versioning allows you to keep track of changes; gone are the days of wondering which version is the most recent, or the mess of copy/paste that can occur when multiple people all want to put their piece into a single file.
  • Content security – if security (or privacy) is on your mind, you can ensure that your project site and its documents are only visible to group members and won’t appear in search results.

Get Creative

You can even kick the fun up a notch by incorporating a design theme for your project site.  Check out the visual customization options built-in to the intranet software and feel free to explore – no IT help required!  Visual branding of your project will help increase engagement and can turn something that feels like a drudge into motivation to go above and beyond.

Set up for Success

  • Don’t ignore the offline – as a social species, we instinctively collaborate. Allow for ways to enhance the offline conversations with your intranet tools. Even something as simple as a shared notepad to collect notes and action points from an offline meeting is very powerful to the collaboration process.
  • Set tangible goals – make sure you can always refer to tangible, actionable goals and points.
  • Finally, make sure to congratulate and compliment users on their use of the collaboration tools. It may be challenging for users to adopt new methodologies but encouragement will go a long way to keep employee engagement high.

Put a little forethought into the structure of your project site, have some fun with styling and themes and use the communication tools that come with your Intranet from Intranet Connections to create a collaborative place for your project to thrive.  Use the security settings to keep all your documents and discussions secure, and employ the task manager to keep users accountable and on-pace.  You’ll have a highly engaging project site that will encourage and engage users to collaborate on!

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By | 2017-11-30T13:10:29+00:00 November 30, 2017|Collaboration, Communication In The Workplace, Employee Engagement|

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