Reap Significant Time-Cost Savings with Intranet Software

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Reap Significant Time-Cost Savings with Intranet Software

Summary: Three examples of how our customers have saved time and money with Intranet Connections’ Intranet Software, including InTouch Credit Union, Rio Rancho Public Schools and Diversified Search.

When our customers first come to us looking for an intranet solution, they usually have a list of items they want their intranet software to accomplish. They want to replace archaic business processes, improve communication, increase efficiency and, of course, save time and money. At the risk of sounding like a cliche, time is money. That is why its so important that your intranet software be able to save you and your employees time.
Below are some examples of how our customers have reaped significant time-cost savings with our intranet software.

InTouch Credit Union

Prior to Intranet Connections, InTouch Credit Union used a classic substitute for an intranet – a static webpage with numerous links and a directory that acted as a simple repository for information. It was disorganized and took employees way too long to locate the resources they desired. It was also difficult to ensure the document employees were using was the latest version.

Utilizing organized Document Management and the Document Version Control tool,  employees were assured that they were using the latest version document, policy or resource. And if a document is not found on the intranet, employees know it should not be used. This saved employees hours of time each week.

“This simple policy of having employees only access and use documents that are stored on the intranet has eliminated any rogue, out-of-date documents from being used. It also has saved our employees hours of time, not having to locate and confirm they are using the right version of each document.” – Meg Yates | InTouch Credit Union

Before, managing their old static intranet and document repository required a full-time IT person. Now, InTouch is able to delegate intranet administration to those who use the intranet software the most, and IT can spend less time administering the intranet, and more time doing their work tasks. Now intranet administration generally only takes minutes a week.

“I can tell you our intranet software has more than paid for itself many times over in the time-savings and cost-savings our employees reap from this comprehensive resource. The savings come in little ways: keystroke savings, finding documents faster and information easier. But it is also in big ways like creating referral forms for wealth management appointments and employee on-boarding procedures, all of this yields incredible time and cost savings.” Tim McCoy | InTouch Credit Union

Read the full InTouch Credit Union case study to learn more.

Rio Rancho Public Schools

Rio Rancho Public Schools (RRPS) began searching for an intranet in 2001. The school district contained 19 schools, and needed intranet software that would connect each of the schools. Since purchasing Intranet Connections’ Intranet Software 15 years ago, Peter Barron, internet services manager at RRPS, was able to eliminate a number of archaic business processes, improve communication and overhaul the onboarding process. This saved RRPS staff countless hours of labor each year, and a whopping $500,000.00 annually.

“The return on investment since purchasing Intranet Connections has been astronomical. In one year, we have saved over half a million dollars – and that’s being conservative!” – Peter Barron | Rio Rancho Public Schools

Since implementing its intranet software, RRPS has eliminated paper waste, streamlined employee onboarding and automated offline business workflows, saving the school district significant time, resources and money. One example of this is before having their intranet, a Procurement Specialist spent hours printing hundred-page RFPs and mailing them to vendors, so Barron converted the RFP documents into a PDF and stored it on the intranet. This enabled the Procurement Specialist to quickly send an email containing the PDF to vendor instead. Barron estimated this has saved the employee  hours a week, as well as saved the organization thousands of dollars in printing and mailing costs annually. Since then, Barron has moved nearly everything online, including operation manuals.

“Moving these Special Services Operations Manuals online to RioNet was a huge relief as well as an immense time and cost savings for the department and the district. We no longer had to spend money on manually copying hundreds of documents, not to mention the man-hours that much copying takes.” – Peter Barron | Rio Rancho Public Schools

Read the full RRPS case study to learn more.

Diversified Search

Before purchasing Intranet Connections’ Intranet Software, Diversified Search had a SharePoint intranet. The organization was frustrated with the extensive time and money it required to administer SharePoint, so they looked to us for a simpler intranet solution. Millie Francis, VP of Database & Technology, found SharePoint very difficult to administer and it often took her hours just to make simple updates, so she had to hire an expensive third-party resources to manage their intranet.

“It was like pushing a round peg into a square hole, SharePoint was never going to be a good fit for us and we were hemorrhaging funds just to make it work in the limited capacity we were utilizing it. It not only required a large majority of my time and that of a third-party resource, but it also required two other employees part-time to administer a severely impaired system. It had to be replaced without question.” – Millie Francis | Diversified Search

With Intranet Connections, updating and maintaining the intranet was easy and didn’t require a third-party resource. Francis was able to make changes in minutes, and intranet administration was so simple that all employees could do it. The time-cost savings Diversified Search has reaped have been significant since switching from SharePoint.

“If someone can’t find something on our intranet, I am able to put it up within minutes of their request. They can watch me make the change in moments from their computer. I didn’t know how to make changes on SharePoint and I didn’t have the time to spend half a day figuring out how to post a simple picture. I can tell you that I save at least five hours a week using Intranet Connections, and that is a conservative estimate.” – Millie Francis | Diversified Search

Read the full Diversified Search case study to read more.

Significant Time-Cost Savings

The three above examples show how our customers have reaped significant time-cost savings with their intranet software from Intranet Connections. Do you have examples of how your intranet has saved you time and money? Let us know by commenting below.

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