Relieve Credit Union Pain Points With an Intranet Solution

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Relieve Credit Union Pain Points With an Intranet Solution

Summary: Intranet Connections has helped over 100 Credit Unions by providing a private cloud or on-premise company intranet. We aren’t going to overwhelm you by listing the 100+ features and functionalities we offer. Instead, we’ve identified the 3 main pain points that our credit union customers have experienced prior to getting their intranet: Cyber Security, Compliance, and Company Expansion.

In an industry that’s highly regulated, there’s bound to be a few pain points when it comes to daily operations. And while we can’t eliminate your compliance burden, or eradicate of human error, we can certainly help you develop measures to reduce the risks.

1. Cyber Security

As a financial institution, intranet security is your top priority. Using an intranet that is on its own server, means your information is not at risk of being hacked. For on-premise, during set up, we’ll remote in and help you with all the technical stuff. Then the site is yours to upload your documents securely. Customize the site to adjust permission levels for accessing sensitive information by department, location, or individual user.

What is an ‘on-premise’ intranet?

I’m glad you asked! An on-premise intranet is installed on a server that’s in-house. We’ll remote in for the installation, but afterward, your intranet is exactly that – yours. Your content is securely kept in-house.  Unlike SharePoint, there’s no need to hire additional IT employees or expensive third-party consultants to customize your site because anyone can be trained as an admin within your organization to create your forms, upload and edit your documents. If you work in a highly regulated industry such as a Credit Union, you’re going to need an on-premise intranet solution.

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2. Compliance

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations, 93% of Credit Union CEOs are concerned about meeting all their compliance requirements. With increasingly complex and numerous expectations each year, there is a lot of room for error. Features of our on-premise intranet help to curtail these risks by organizing documents, broadcasting information, and even down to gritty details such as creating pre-templated smart forms to help your employees follow the workflows properly. Find out more information on how these features help your credit union intranet:

TIP: Your document management software should have the functionality that allows non-technical users to upload and edit documents (not just IT). To keep documents, policies, and standards up to date. It should also archive old content so that it’s a reliable source for up to date information.

3. Credit Union Mergers and Acquisitions

Many clients have come to us during a series of mergers and acquisitions. Concerns surrounding clear communication, employee engagement, and retention, and growing costs or fees with an intranet can all be daunting during this time. Luckily, we have solutions for all these concerns.

Communication software

Communicate across several locations through multiple tools such as the company news, message boards, or discussion forums. Additionally, to get a quick answer from your new counterpart, look them up in the employee directory and send them a message through live chat. Communication software is advantageous for these purposes:

  • Eliminate ‘all-staff’ emails.
  • Reduce redundant emails.
  • Assign a ‘read and agree’ trigger to new policies.

Employee engagement and retention

Company expansion risks losing the intellectual property. Keep your new employees engaged by including them in your corporate culture, setting up events, adding birthdays and work anniversaries to the online calendar. Celebrate individual milestones and offer the opportunity for feedback with online surveys.

Company expansion

Our Intranet is offered as either a private cloud intranet or on-premise. On-premise means we would only remote in to help the installation process, but afterward, there are no growing fees, regardless of company growth. A private cloud intranet, on the other hand, you only pay for what you use. That means if you originally signed up with 100 employees, but at the end of year 1, only 80 are active on the intranet, your pricing will restructure to reflect that.

We specialize in highly-regulated industries with security concerns for sensitive information. We have plenty of experience with over 100 credit union customers, so don’t just take our word for it, see what they have to say with some testimonials from our financial customers.

“SharePoint had a lot to offer, but ultimately it didn’t fit our needs. It was far too expensive, not to mention the additional implementation and customization costs required. We wanted a platform that was easy to work with, but also provided the flexibility to add applications and other requirements as needed. While evaluating Intranet Connections, we noticed that it was built more for credit unions than other intranets we evaluated.”

Tim McCoy, Vice President of Marketing & E-Commerce at the InTouch Credit Union.

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