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Revolutionize Enterprise Search with Super Search

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. And it isn’t Superman, either. It’s Super Search!

The much anticipated Super Search release is finally upon us and we at Intranet Connections could not be more excited about it. Like with every product release, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this (ok, maybe that is a little dramatic). But our team has taken a lot of time to ensure Super Search fills in any gaps the previous search functionality had, completely revolutionizing Enterprise Search on your intranet.

The Super Search release includes several new, helpful features that will not only take your intranet search to the next level, but also maximize productivity in your organization. These features include:

  • New Search Engine & Interface
  • Preview Display Cards
  • One-Click Search Filters
  • Advanced Search Options
  • Administrative Control & Search Security

New Search Engine & Interface

user interface - enterprise searchOur previous Enterprise Search has been completely overhauled. Super Search now has a more user friendly interface and functionality similiar to popular search engines. Keyword relevancy in Super Search has been optimized with full-text indexing to more reliably match relevant search results in the first few results than our previous search, with our without content tagging. This saves your employees an abundance of time, finding the exact resource they need on your intranet more productively.

If users don’t immediately find what they are looking for, we’ve introduced one-click filters (these will be explained in detail below). The new search engine also supports indexing and searching content across hundreds of uploaded files, all while remaining quick and responsive.

display cards enterprise searchIn addition, Super Search has an entirely new user interface (UI). This new UI makes it easy for all users to find what they’re looking for on the intranet, especially those of our customers with endless content. Users are able to pinpoint exactly what they need because the new UI displays the right information in the list of search results. If users are still unsure they have the right match, they can use the Display Cards for to visually display more details.

Peter Barron from Rio Rancho Public Schools, a Super Search Beta customer, says the new UI has made it much easier to locate documents. He explained:

“Super Search has definitely improved access to our site and cut down on frustrated “where is it” problems.  The search results are much better organized, accessible and immediately filterable.  Intranet Connections has done a bang-up job on this!”   – Peter Barron, Rio Rancho Public Schools

Enterprise Search Display Cards

Our Super Search BETA customers have raved about Display Cards thus far. Similar to popular search engines, preview Display Cards give users a visual display of a selected search result. For example, if an employee searches for the Monthly Timesheet, a preview of the time-sheet will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. This acts as a visual confirmation for users that they have found the correct document/form/file they seek. This is extremely helpful for when a user needs to look something up on the fly, but may not know the exact name of the file, form or page. Display Cards enables users to quickly preview the result without having to click-through to visualize it.

If a user searches for another employee, the Display Card will preview the Employee Profile. The Employee Profile Display Card features their contact information for quick, easy access to phone and email without leaving the search results page.

Additionally, the top right corner of each Display Card contains quick action links. These quick links allow users to select an action directly from the Display Card, reducing the number of ‘clicks’ to perform an action, ultimately saving your users even more time. If you’re logged in as an Administrator and you search for another user, there will be a quick link to impersonate that user. Other quick links include editing a page, filling out a form, emailing an event and more.

One of our Super Search Beta customers, Richard Evans from Spawglass, was particularly impressed with the Display Cards, saying:

“Since upgrading to Super Search, employee productivity has increased. The documents and files that are being searched for are displaying at the top of the results. We no longer have to search through pages of search results. And having the visual Display Cards is really helpful. Rather than just having text there, you have the visual confirmation and can say, ‘yes that’s what I’m looking for’. It’s a great new feature added to Super Search.” – Richard Evans, Spawglass

One-Click Search Filters

search filters - enterprise searchAs previously mentioned, if employees don’t find what they are looking for right away, one-click Search Filters are available to narrow search results. Previously, sorting options were available by date, author, application etc., now these are filters. In addition to those mentioned, there are filters for people, forms, documents, pages and events. This allows users to specify what it is they are looking for to ensure a more accurate search result.

By default, search results are returned across the entire intranet, so often common search terms will return more results than an employee is looking for. It’s helpful for users to be able to filter by content type. For example, if a user is searching for “white”, they can click the People filter to show only people with the first or last name “White”.

Advanced Search Options

intranet search - enterprise searchSuper Search also comes with a number of Advanced Search filter options for content managers and power users. Users can filter by site or application, or choose to only see search results by a specific author or by date published. Users also have the option to combine these advanced filters together to further filter down search results, ensuring quick and accurate results. Results can also be filtered down even more by tags – if content has been tagged.

Administrative Control & Search Security

search security - enterprise searchAnother great feature of Super Search is the control and search security administrators have. Any admins responsible for protecting private content on the intranet can sleep soundly knowing that search results are never displayed to unauthorized users. Admins can choose to hide applications, or even entire sites from search results ensuring nothing ends up on the wrong desk.

Additionally, any archived items can be removed from search results, such as old policies. These outdated items will be automatically removed from search without ever having to remove each document manually yourself. This ensures search results are fresh and relevant as well as reduces “content clutter” on your search list.

Revolutionize Enterprise Search

With all these great features designed to help you maximize productivity in your workplace, Super Search is gearing up to be one super release. Superman may have some competition…

To directly access Super Search release information, including What’s New or How to Upgrade, check out our Support Knowledgebase.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Super Search, comment below! We’re here and happy to help.

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