With the boom of tech-savvy employees in the workforce, companies are in search of unique engagement tools to keep the Gen X and Gen Y employees interested.  In Dana LaSalvia’s article called “Building an Employee-Enriched Culture with Social Media” she wrote that “organizations should think about integrating companywide marketing messages and upgrading their employee’s recognition programs to be more virtual.” To do this, implement an intranet! A social intranet will improve employee culture and collaboration and act as a central portal for important company information.  When you position your company online, you are catering to a large group of Gen X and Gen Y employees.

An intranet is a virtual solution to inform and connect with your tech savvy employees. To do so, utilize Dana’s Electronic Tool suggestions on your intranet:

Blogs provide a platform for a constant flow of communication. It is a low-cost, easy-to-use method to implement. Keep content rich and employee-centered.

RSS Feeds (a.k.a. Real Simple Syndication) provide a stream of information for employees and can act as an update alert for recognition program news.

Widgets are small applications that can be installed and executed by an end user. Create a recognition wizard or a tip-of-the-day widget to supplement any program type.

Podcasts (or non-streamed webcast) are a series of digital media files that can be downloaded through Web syndication for training modules,   off-site seminars and integrated communications.

With Intranet Connections, you can construct an intranet platform that offers a variety of collaboration tools to gratify the Gen X and Y employees. Here are some intranet initiatives that you can put into practice:

Show loyalty Allow all employees to post blogs that are related to the company so they can share your intranet initiatives

Promote give-back programs Give and Take Days are a great way to get employees to give back to the community. Advertise community initiatives on the intranet calendars and offer a free vacation day for every 8 hours of community service.

Offer employee perks Contests are a great social tool to promote workplace activity. You can offer gift cards, half days or extended lunches to people that contribute good content to social tools.

Feature outstanding work Use the What’s New application to highlight achievements that the entire company can see instantly. Give employees public recognition in a central area of the intranet.

Encourage employee engagement Use intranet collaboration tools to instantly send messages, share pictures and post blogs for the entire company or particular a department to view. Everyone enjoys sharing parts of their social lives with coworkers.

Build staff retention Do you permit using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin on work computers? A great way to maintain employee interest is to let them network on these sites while at work.

When you enable companywide communication on the intranet, you open up a large platform for sharing and engagement. How does your intranet help to facilitate your corporate culture and accommodate the Gen X and Gen Y users?

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