4 Ways to Set Your Intranet From Stun to Kill

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4 Ways to Set Your Intranet From Stun to Kill

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Last week, Dorthe Raakjær Jespersen, an analyst at J.Boye, wrote about killer apps on an intranet. So what is a killer app? According to Jespersen, a “killer app” is a service on your intranet that is essential to helping employees accomplish their daily tasks.

If you want to develop a killer app for your intranet, a good place to start is with your Employee Directory or your internal phonelist. A large number of intranet managers and intranet consultants that are part of the Worldwide Intranet Challenge group on LinkedIn agreed that the Employee Directory is one of the most popular applications on their intranets.

To make your Employee Directory a killer application, there are some practical steps you can implement:

Populate your Employee Directory with up-to-date contact information

Syncing your Employee Directory with Active Directory is an easy way to ensure that information in your intranet and Active Directory are up to date as any changes in AD will automatically be reflected in your intranet. Enabling AD Sync will also save your admins time as they only need to update information in one location.

Help employees find areas of expertise through the Employee DirectoryEmployee Profile

Instead of simply providing contact information in your Employee Directory, include skills and job descriptions so that employees can easily locate co-workers in different department s that are sources of knowledge about specific topics and projects. If this information is not stored in Active Directory, encourage users to populate their own skill set and area of expertise by including an “Ask me about” field in your Employee Directory

Make all fields within the Employee Directory searchable

This step goes hand in hand with providing users with an easy way to find areas of expertise through the Employee Directory. Fields such as job description, ask me about, and skills all need to be indexed for searching so that employees can quickly find experts within the organization in an efficient manner.

Organize your Employee Directory alphabetically by First Name

Most staff members will know their co-workers primarily by their first name. Arranging your employee directory alphabetically by first name will it make it easier for employees to find the person they are looking for without having to use the search feature.

Killer apps are important to an intranet because they provide a positive influence to the rest of the site by encouraging employees to use the site and keep them coming back.

What are some of the killer apps on your intranet?

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