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Six Tips for a Productive Intranet

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Peter Barron is an Intranet Connections Fan; he provides significant feedback on our blog, Linkedin and Facebook pages and speaks candidly about our software as it applies to his organization.  Over the past ten years, Peter has managed the Rio Rancho Public Schools intranet, which is internally called “Rionet”. With over 20 school district departments that use the rionet, Peter targets applications and widgets that make the intranet process fast and easy for thousands of users.  We recently interviewed Peter to find out what makes his intranet so successful, and today we are delighted to share his responses with our intranet community.

Here are Peter’s six tips for an efficient intranet:

Time: Seeing as Rio Rancho is a school district, the majority of intranet users are teachers. Teachers are incredibly busy with students during the day and they lack freedom of time to peruse their intranets. In order to overcome this timing issue, Peter leverages the notification capabilities of the “rionet” with subscriptions to departments that the teachers have invested interest in. This subscription service has been a big push for Peter and the Rio Rancho Schools because it decreases searching time on the intranet by targeting topics of interest for the user.

E-forms: Teachers must attend conferences, so Peter created PDF e-forms for them to request conference admittance and funding in rionet. Directly from their classroom, teachers fill out the request form, and it is processed right away.

Rionet Intranet

Collaboration: Peter says that collaboration among teachers is a difficult task because teachers don’t have extra time to go on the intranet. To overcome this, he encourages them to set up subscriptions to get alerts and on topics that they are interested in. This subscription section of rionet gives them a place where they can share information and tools back and forth (blogs, docs, and forums) in an efficient way.

Calendars: All of the Rio Rancho schools and school districts utilize the calendar tool. This is the primary application on the rionet because all important events can be easily added and searched here.

Tech support: Peter uses the tech support and help desk application for all 20 districts and schools. Users love the ticketing process because the tickets route directly to education technology specialists. This way, the issue is taken care of right away and then it is documented in their secure intranet site.

Mobile: In school districts, mobile capabilities are not beneficial because staff use their own cell phone providers. Although most people now have smart phones, they are not accessing wireless through Rio Rancho’s provider, so it is unlikely that accessing their intranet via mobile will occur.

At Intranet Connections, we enjoy connecting with our clients and receiving customer feedback to ensure that our software is meeting your needs. The Intranet Connections team would like to say a gigantic thank you to Peter for taking the time to answer our questions with great ease and detail and we hope that his insight is helpful to your intranet development.

What are you doing to simplify your intranet’s ease of use for busy employees?

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