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Sneak Peak Inside Greater Iowa’s Intranet

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Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to Peggy Wurster, Director of Staff Development, at the Greater Iowa Credit Union about her company intranet. I was excited to hear about their unique intranet initiatives and could see a lot of Intranet Connections users benefiting from this company’s ideas, so today I’m going to share them with you!

At Intranet Connections, we love to learn about the people behind your intranet. Can you tell us a story about how your intranet has impacted your employees? We like to include a lot of pictures on our intranet.  This would include family, new babies, company picnic, etc.

How do you use the intranet to encourage work/life balance? We allow all of the employee’s access to add special events that they may want to share with others.  One of our tellers is involved in a comedy group and uses the intranet to invite everyone to his shows.  Many of the staff have gone in support of him and put messages out there to encourage others to join as well.

Are you using applications in a unique way to benefit your organization? We have a specific training program called Elevate the Experience that we include on the intranet on successes and stories from the staff.

How do you use your site to facilitate employee engagement and promote your corporate culture? Our employee recognition program allows other staff to nominate employees who have done something great.  Once or twice a month, we draw names for a gift card from the entries.  I created the entries in the electronic forms.  The E-Forms are great for this purpose, but I also use them for training requests and other departmental requests as well

After a great Q & A portion with Peggy, she shared more tidbits about Greater Iowa’s intranet:

Peggy created a job shadow request electronic form and was astounded by the success of this initiative. Once it was posted on the site, she had a lot of employees interested in job shadowing another department in the credit union. Some of them even found their ideal departments to work in!

The announcements area is loved by employees because they can upload their announcements by themselves. The most popular topics are baby pictures and family picnics; people love to share their personal and work life on the intranet.

During new employee training, people are introduced to profile pictures of staff members on the intranet. This is very useful because there are 90 employees and six branches throughout the state, which means lots of faces to get to know.

Peggy created an employee recognition section where anyone can fill in an e-form to recognize jobs well done by coworkers.

One of their members recently received a Nobel Prize for chemistry, so Peggy put a “Did You Know” section on the site and asked people to congratulate him on his next branch visit. Lots of people commented on her post and were really responsive to this idea. Peggy will continue to post fun announcements about their members.

Intranet adoption at Greater Iowa Credit Union is fairly automatic for employees. Peggy posted a survey on the intranet which asked employees how much they utilize the site and she received plenty of positive feedback. Peggy is confident that the site will continue to grow and develop as she adds fun announcements and useful e-forms for employees.

Greater Iowa’s Home Page:

A big THANKS goes out to Peggy for giving our blog readers a sneak peek inside Grater Iowa’s intranet.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:51+00:00 October 20, 2011|Customer Stories|

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