I raced into the office Tuesday morning to catch IBF Live’s broadcast – a monthly tour of intranet sites with a panelist of speakers and presenters. Our office was buzzing because one of our clients, Fathom Online Marketing, was presenting their intranet and how they use Intranet Connections to build upon their dynamic culture using their company intranet.

Before Fathom’s intranet tour, I tuned into the “Where Ideas Work” presentation showcasing the award winning intranet from the Government of British Columbia. Part of their design innovation comes from the background photos that anchor their fixed-width intranet site. The photos are submitted by employees, and beautiful photography of BC forests, beaches, and wildlife. It’s a great way to inspire and engage employees – you can accomplish the same effect on your own intranets with our v11 fixed width theme.  I also liked the “Take a Tour” link at the top of the home page. This launched short video clips talking about the various areas of the intranet – a great tool for new employees. Their site is a terrific example of good design, engaging ideas and creativity.

Fathom was last to present at IBF Live and Kurt Krejny, the Director of Search Engine Marketing, provided a tour of how their intranet delivers culture and expands on leadership roles and company initiatives supported by use of the popular “Rockefeller Habits”.

Fathom swaps out their intranet design every 3 months in line with their company quarterly theme. Right now the theme is “On the Right Track” so the intranet has a top header image of racehorses. If  the 75+ employees meet their quarterly goals, a company-wide trip to the racetrack is planned.





Fathom also uses clever naming conventions that inspire a sense of fun:

A section on social media strategy called “Soldier Marketing”

“Send Some Love” to someone who exemplifies Fathom’s core values

Share the company philosophy of “Everyone a Leader”

“Jockey of the Week” for nominations on employee achievements

The winner for “Jockey of the Week” receives company-wide recognition and a gift card. Fathom is a great example of how you can use your intranet to create impact and support your corporate culture.

Up next for Fathom’s intranet are plans to create a “Client Hub” and the “Fathom Unleashed” site that will share marketing ideas, expert development, knowledge share, and communicating social media efforts in the continuing efforts to promote Fathom as a brand and deliver exceptional quality and service to their customers.

Watching IBF Live was a great way to gain ideas from real-world intranet examples. At Intranet Benchmarking Forum’s IBF Live on July 5th, Felicity McNish presented Woods Bagot’s intranet to thousands of viewers. In her tour, Felicity talked about how they use catchy names as simple updates that have a big impact for users. Woods Bagot’s intranet is called “Public Edge”, public because it’s open to their community of users across the world and edge because they are always trying to get “the edge” on competitors. They call their employee directory “Talent Book” and they have a knowledge management page called “Brain Scan” that connects their offices around the world. This site uses unique names that are user-friendly, engaging and most importantly, supports their artistic and creative company culture.

Are you interested in updating the name of your intranet? If so, Intranet Matters, a collaboration and communication platform, has a large list of existing intranet names that I recommend you check out. This website has great examples of engaging names that are used by companies around the world. A few of my favorites include:

>> The Beach House by Fun Sun Vacations

>> Pitstop by Mercedes Benz

>> Milkyway by Fronterra (a milk company)

Another amusing idea is to name your intranet after a person’s name that everyone can recognize. In a recent Linkedin Discussion for the group Ragan.com, Ann Ahlers shared her example:




In modern culture, celebrities name their children after popular fruits, major cities and high-end vehicles. Although celeb baby names are out of the ordinary, they are memorable and are easily associated with the famous parents that named them. Why don’t we take some advice from the stars and use unique intranet names that engage and resonate with users? Use your intranet and run a contest to see what eccentric names your employees can come up with for your site. Promote collaboration and engagement by integrating employee ideas in the naming process and let us know what you come up with!

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