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Spread the Word: Engagement and Culture ROCK

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“Never underestimate the power of an employee that is engaged in their work and the company”

Last week I asked my business coach and mentor to facilitate a one day strategy session with our entire Intranet Connections team. We closed up shop and spent the day talking about corporate culture, because that is my personal BHAG – to build a really cool company with really cool people, who care about creating a really cool product.  We talked about everyone’s core values and we re-worked our company purpose statement …

“Our intranet software exists to help foster employee engagement through online communication, collaboration, and the enhancement of culture”

We now have a big quarterly rock and a theme surrounding engagement and how Intranet Connections can help facilitate and enhance your company culture.

We also have a fairly substantial initiative in June to put out one of our biggest releases yet for our intranet software.  v11 adds many social and interactive elements to Intranet Connections, but the big vision for v11 was the implementation of a new App Builder tool where you can create any type of application from scratch, or choose from existing templates. App Builder gives that finite, granular control for those of us who like to dig in and control every element of the application, but for those who are more hands off it offers a simple and easy to use builder with drag and drop options, so even your least tech savvy user could build an application for the intranet.

We have had a lot of fun creating a demo site for our new v11 intranet to feature in webinars.  The power and creativity that can be achieved through App Builder is really cool. We have built our demo intranet around our quarterly rocks of enhancing culture and employee engagement and based it on our company.

With App Builder, we created applications for

— nominating employees and sharing kudos
— brainstorming ideas
— conversation corner
— web docs / wiki
— knowledge sharing and article ratings/comments
— company contact listings
— industry, twitter and blog links

We also added team sites, and a health & wellness community page with daily health tips, a Go Green contest, a place where staff can find out about car pooling and incentives for bike riding into work during the summer, plus an “IC Extended Family” photo album of our kids and pets.

Intranet Connections v11 Screen Snap


What makes a tool like Intranet Connections cool is that there are so many creative ways to use your intranet in building participation and engagement. An intranet can really enhance your company culture, and share its goals, mission, and team collaboration. An intranet is all about supporting your greatest asset: your employees.  If this sounds like your kind of company, we want to work with you!  Leave us a comment and share how you are using your intranet for culture and employee engagement.

Stay tuned for more information on our v11 release, available mid June.

If you would like to see our demo site in action, join us for a v11 feature webinar and contact us for more information.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:55+00:00 June 2, 2011|Product News|

About the Author:

Founded in 1999, Intranet Connections has built simplicity and creativity into our intranet software from the beginning. Simplicity is ingrained in our core values, seen through our intranet software, our pricing model and our ongoing product development. Our customers aren't just another number or contract, they are truly a part of the Intranet Connections family. We connect, collaborate and create with them to improve our intranet software and services with every new release.


  1. IntranetLounge June 2, 2011 at 11:41 am - Reply

    Spread the Word: Engagement and Culture ROCK | Intranet Connections Blog…

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  2. Dan Keldsen June 3, 2011 at 3:08 pm - Reply

    Ah, interesting timing on this post – I’d just written an article today, talking about how to begin engagement.

    To use the “rock” metaphor – it can be much easier and more effective to start by moving some pebbles, before people are ready to move the big rocks. But it depends on where your cultural and personal readiness is.

    If you can GO BIG right off the bat, hell, I’m all for it!

    Dan Keldsen
    Chief Innovation Officer, Information Architected

  3. Andy Jankowski June 6, 2011 at 9:18 am - Reply

    Hi Carolyn,
    Kudos for taking on this goal and making it happen! Your new App Builder sounds very cool. Any interest in demo’ing it on IBFLive?

  4. Carolyn Douglas June 7, 2011 at 4:22 pm - Reply

    Hi Andy – we would love to demo our new App Builder tool on IBFLive. I will follow up with Cheryl next week.

    The popular IBFLIve series tours intranet sites and features keynote speakers every month, on the first Tuesday of each month. For more information, follow @ibf on twitter, and visit the IBFLive web site at http://www.ibforum.com/ibf-live.

    One of our Intranet Connections clients, Fathom SEO, will be presenting their intranet site on IBFLive Tuesday, July 5th:

    From Cheryl Lesser, IBFLive

    “Kurt Krejny, Director of SEM Best Practices at Fathom Online Marketing will be joining us for a live tour of his company’s intranet. Here is yet another example of where aesthetic beauty and functional beauty intersect. For example, the site theme is changed quarterly for a visual representation of company objectives. They have an entire section of their intranet for new hires where new employees can learn about core values and collaborate with seasoned employees to make their transition a smooth one. Kurt combines a background in visual communications with expertise in online marketing and SEO to deliver an intranet that stands in a class of its own.”

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