Sugar and SPICE and Everything You Need For Employee Engagement

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Sugar and SPICE and Everything You Need For Employee Engagement

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Summary: Employee engagement is a vital ingredient to the success at Intranet Connections. That’s why we came up with our SPICE acronym: simplicity, positivity, integrity, creativity, and empathy. Keeping our employees engaged with these five core values not only keeps them at the company for longer but improves productivity in the workplace.

Sugar and spice make everything nice in our office. Employees work hard, enjoy coming into work, have their work recognized, and form great relationships with each other. For some, the ability to engage with others comes naturally, but most often it is a skill set just like any other within an office that needs to be developed, practiced and worked on. Employee engagement shouldn’t have to rely on surveys and ratings, that’s why we’ve made our 5 core values that we’d like to share with you today.

1. Simplicity

The first step in creating the type of workplace that is more than just a necessity is simplifying processes that were previously time-consuming or frustrating. A few items we’ve simplified include:

  • Online approval forms (time off requests, expenses, training course applications)
  • Enterprise search in our intranet simplifies the way we navigate our cms software. Finding forms and documents, updated policies and archived content is a breeze with a search bar that sorts our findings by identifying keywords in the title, meta description, and content body. Our intranet admin also keeps an eye on the ‘missed search’ function to ensure our employees are finding everything they look for.
  • Provide an easy to use intranet solution to non-technical users. Using a software that is customizable, editable and easy to upload documents to, increases the chances of content staying up to date and engaging.

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2. Positivity

Generating an environment of positivity is crucial to employee satisfaction.  Make your employees feel values, celebrate wins and milestones, and provide feedback about the areas employees are thriving in, not just the areas that need improvement.

  • Celebrate individual contributions as well as company achievements.
  • Recognize employees who have gone above and beyond.
  • Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries.

3. Integrity

Integrity is a fundamental value at Intranet Connections. We ensure to strive for integrity every day with the work we do, for our clients as well as for ourselves. Generating trust is no easy task – but ensuring that you’re doing your best, and being honest in your work goes a long way. A few elements to improve the integrity at work include:

  • Admit mistakes, learn from them, presenting solutions, and try not to make the same mistake twice.
  • Transparency & communication with regards to company direction, goals and strategy.
  • Consistency with regards to training, incentives, and recognition.

4. Creativity

Creativity is a crucial element in the office. Competition is our industries is fierce, and we need to find creative solutions to stay in the game. Promoting a culture that cultivates creativity requires out of the box thinking, open discussions, and systems that reinforce the creative process. A few tools to assist with generating a creative space are:

  • Communication software – give your staff the opportunity to express their ideas as they come, not just through an email, or at the monthly meeting. Start discussion forums and project sites to allow your employees to express their ideas.
  • Listen – encourage employees to put forward their ideas and give them your attention while they do it. Provide useful feedback.

5. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to relate to thoughts or emotions of others, and display and understanding. It’s a powerful tool that leaders should possess to make their employees feel valued. By listening to feedback, keeping an open mind, and understanding where your employee is coming from, employees will feel valued contribute to the team and improve productivity. Tips to displaying empathy:

  • Observation – pay attention to signs an employee is being overworked.
  • Show interest – in the needs of others, including goals and hopes.
  • Willingness to assist – with regards to both work or personal problems.
  • Compassion – when they experience a loss.

We like to SPICE it up in our office, and hope you can look into some takeaways to engage your employees and improve productivity in the workplace. Have any questions or suggestions on how you can develop your core values in the office? Leave us a comment below!

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By | 2017-09-15T09:48:29+00:00 September 1, 2017|Best Practices, Employee Engagement|

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