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Increase Intranet ROI with Advanced E-Forms

One of the challenges many businesses face is finding a long term intranet solution. On the surface many intranet products look very similar, which can make finding an intranet solution that meets your business needs quite difficult.  New customers are generally looking for an intranet software with a central communication platform, document management/repository and online e-forms.

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Inspire Intranet Adoption Through Engaging Content

A common question we get from new intranet managers and prospective intranet purchasers is… “How can I drive adoption on my intranet?” While there are many different methods for engaging employees on your intranet, content is key.  If you aren’t publishing content that your employees and intranet users are interested in, they will not spend the time interacting with all the useful tools you have worked so hard to deploy on your intranet.

Now you may be wondering, what does engaging content look like? How can I measure the level of engagement my intranet content is receiving? And, what is a good framework I can provide my intranet publishers with to ensure we are all producing content our intranet users want to read?

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Nerdy Perspectives: How to Buy Intranet Software, Successfully!

I have one goal today: To share my 3-week experience working as part of an intranet software sales team and offer advice that will help you streamline your intranet software selection process. This will be especially useful for those individuals in a technical positions entering the intranet software buying cycle.

Recently, I was offered a temporary position in our sales department to help cover a fellow team member so he could soak rays and surf the wave-ridden coast of Australia (not that I was jealous). The thought of stepping foot in to a completely unknown domain was very exciting to me, a new challenge to conquer! Accepting this offer was an easy – YES!  What unveiled during this 3-week sales experiment? Some best practice tips for intranet software evaluation and intranet software selling.  

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Agile Planning Techniques for Families… Seriously!

Hello! This will be my first blog post since starting here at Intranet Connections as the Software Architect just three weeks ago.  Over the long weekend, I listened to a fantastic TED talk that I thought would be valuable to share on the agile methodology and agile planning.

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People Helping People: Social Intranet Software by Intranet Connections

At Intranet Connections, we feel that connecting and empowering your employees through a social intranet leads to having a more engaged and productive team. With a social intranet you can reach out to your coworkers to share business tools, ask questions and learn from one another. Our new Employee Directory introduces social profiles that embrace collaboration and social tools which allows employees to better communicate, connect and learn from

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Monday Is… Intranet Knowledge Sharing Day!

Check out this week’s intranet articles about intranet trends and digital workplace principles:

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