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Healthcare Intranet: From IT Program to Overall Corporate Strategy

Nothing is more satisfying than hearing about a happy customer’s positive experience with our intranet software. We love sharing these stories with the rest of the Intranet Connections team to let them know all our hard work is paying off. But even more so, we love to share these stories with you, our Intranet Connections family.

The story of how Westminster Canterbury went from an IT program to an overall corporate

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Why Our Customers Looked for a SharePoint Alternative

It is no secret that SharePoint is the proverbial Gorilla for enterprise intranets. Early adopters of a SharePoint Intranet have often called upon us as they found SharePoint was too much work and too costly to actually get off the ground. Although initially they romanticized about customizing the perfect intranet solution with a custom built SharePoint intranet, they quickly realized it was an unmanageable and cost prohibitive project that likely

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0 to Intranet in 90 Days

First and foremost, our customer’s satisfaction, happiness and intranet success is most important to us. So when a client comes to us, dissatisfied with their current intranet and in search of a new intranet solution, we go above and beyond to make sure their experience is as stress-free as possible. That’s exactly what happened with one of our clients, Diversified Search. The organization was unhappy with their previous intranet as

3 Highly Effective Intranet Examples

“Imitation is the sincerest of flattery” – Charles Caleb Colton famously wrote in Lacon, Or, Many Things in a Few Words: Addressed to Those who Think Lately (1824). Given this, we decided to share some highly effective intranet examples you could, um…’flatter’ them, by leveraging the incredible ideas and innovative ways they have been using their intranets.

Digging through our previous blog posts, there were number of highly effective intranet

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Finance Intranets Connect & Organize Credit Unions

With the launch of our Financial Intranet earlier this year, we have been excited to showcase the benefits our Financial Intranet brings to those in the finance sector. We worked closely with our bank, credit union and financial clients to uncover the needs of organizations in the financial industry in order to provide a comprehensive Financial Intranet solution.
CUES Features Financial Intranets
Recently, Intranet Connections was featured in the

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Dwight, Credit Union Intranet

We are always excited to hear about the success our customers experience through implementing a new intranet. These stories are inspiring, motivating and reaffirming to the team hard at work on your Intranet Connections intranets.

So when a customer success story like ‘Dwight – The Credit Union Intranet’ comes along, we can’t help but share it with you, the rest of our Intranet Connections family.
A Simple Credit Union Intranet
Pima Federal Credit

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Harnessing the Benefits of Intranet Media

Greetings Intranet Followers and welcome Blogosphere Readers to another edition of the Intranet Connections Blog. Using Intranet Connections, employees are able to embed intranet media such as images and videos on their intranet site. Media can be embedded right on the homepage, or added through a video or picture library. This week, we’re going to touch on the benefits of including intranet media (e.g. photos, intranet videos, podcasts) on your

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Hospital Intranet Success @ PatientXForum

Attending the Patient Experience West National Forum (@PatientXForum) this week was an absolute pleasure for the Intranet Connections Team. We were blown away by the caliber of speakers, panelist and discussions at the conference.

We were fortunate enough to have our own talent join the ranks of the presenters this year, our Founder, Carolyn Douglas (@CarolynDouglas).
A Hospital Intranet Success Story
During Carolyn’s spotlight presentation, she shared the innovative approach Gold Coast Hospital,

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Carolyn Douglas Joins Healthcare Thought Leaders at Patient Experience Forum

We are excited to announce that our Intranet Connections’ Founder, Carolyn Douglas, has been asked to be a spotlight speaker at this year’s National Forum on Patient Experience West. Carolyn will be sharing her insights from Gold Coast Hospital, a teaching hospital of Queensland Health, which has been utilizing our software to innovate staff training, improve patient safety and enhance patient care.
A Healthcare Conference for Thought Leaders
The Patient Experience West Conference,

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Improve Staff Training with Your Hospital Intranet

Leo Marneros, Director of Emergency Training at Gold Coast Hospital in Australia, consistently works to improve staff training, reduce overall hospital costs and most importantly, enhance patient care. Two years ago Leo took a leap in the right direction by implementing an intranet designed to help him with his mission.  The end result? An estimated time cost savings of $10,000AUD per year, an in-demand intranet built by hospital staff and the icing on the cake – a commendation from the 2013 Intranet Innovation Awards.

As a member of the Support Team here at Intranet Connections I have had the pleasure of working with Leo.  He is educated, driven and dedicated, and I have personally seen this drive for excellence and desire to improve hospital communication, reduce emails and increase productivity at Gold Coast Hospital. Click here to read the full Gold Coast case study.