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Can a Hospital Intranet Benefit Your Small Hospital?

The question of whether a hospital intranet will benefit your small hospital is an inquiry many hospitals are making today with your hospital becoming busier and your staff continuing to grow.

Keeping everyone at the hospital up-to-date with the latest policies, procedures, intake forms and hospital news is a juggling act that Hospital Administrators and IT Staff try to manage without letting one ball drop. Communicating through staff wide emails no

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Care to Share? Leverage Your Intranet for Employee Connection Idea Sharing

An employee suggestion box (also known as the Idea Share Exchange application in Intranet Connections), is a traditional part of many businesses that dates back to the early 20th century. The success of a suggestion box is tied in large part to the perceived value that a suggestion box brings for both employees and management. In some businesses, the suggestion box is that dusty old box in the corner of the staff

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Healthcare Intranet: From IT Program to Overall Corporate Strategy

Nothing is more satisfying than hearing about a happy customer’s positive experience with our intranet software. We love sharing these stories with the rest of the Intranet Connections team to let them know all our hard work is paying off. But even more so, we love to share these stories with you, our Intranet Connections family.

The story of how Westminster Canterbury went from an IT program to an overall corporate

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Why Document Management is Necessary for your Organization

You’re sitting at your desk when suddenly an e-mail from your boss requesting the latest version of a critical policy document she urgently needs for a meeting arrives. No sweat, you will easily find it on your company’s document share drive. You begin by looking in the likely places starting with your department folder you think it should be in – no luck. No problem, you will just use the

3 Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement in Healthcare

What exactly is employee engagement? Engaged employees are happy with their work, committed to the organization and they’re willing to go the extra mile to achieve the organization’s goals.

Why does employee engagement matter? In a recent study published by the Gallup Business Journal, that evaluated more than 1.4 million employees, there was a direct connection confirmed between strong employee engagement and lower employee turnover rates as well as a reduced

Top 6 Other Names For Intranet Software

You may remember my last post about stellar intranet experts and thought leaders I researched to get a better understanding of this fascinating and exciting industry. As I’m still fairly new to this industry, I take every opportunity to learn more about intranets as I can. In my research, I’ve found intranets are referred to as so many different things, it’s hard to keep up! Everything from ‘Internal Website’ to

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Connect. Collaborate. Create. with Intranet Connections

You may have noticed that recently we revamped our Intranet Connections, logo with a new tagline: Connect. Collaborate. Create.  However, this is more than just a change to our logo, it speaks to how Intranet Connections helps and interacts with organizations every day.
How We Connect. Collaborate. Create
Connect. Collaborate. Create. not only showcases what our intranet software, helps you and your organization do better, but also it speaks to

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The Importance of a Cool Intranet Solution

Get out your binoculars folks. Beyond the hills is a massive group of young and talented misfits that have learnt to value the meaning of cool. Many organizations today are faced with a Baby Boomer generation approaching retirement and now is a critical time more than ever for organizations to start attracting Millenials to their workplace.

Beat your competitors by getting a head start on the development of your future assets.

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Dwight, Credit Union Intranet

We are always excited to hear about the success our customers experience through implementing a new intranet. These stories are inspiring, motivating and reaffirming to the team hard at work on your Intranet Connections intranets.

So when a customer success story like ‘Dwight – The Credit Union Intranet’ comes along, we can’t help but share it with you, the rest of our Intranet Connections family.
A Simple Credit Union Intranet
Pima Federal Credit

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5 Principles of Content Management

Hello Intranet Connectors! It is time to get back to the basics; to simplify how we approach content management in order to improve efficiency and usability. This blog will provide you a quick summary of the The Top 5 Principles of Content Management to help you optimize how you Organize, Review, Rate, Delegate and Archive your content on your intranet.
5 Principles to Successful Content Management
Focusing on principles, I was thrownback

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