Top 5 Intranet Predictions for 2013

Every year the foundation of intranets remain but how we use the intranet evolves. In the past few years focus has revolved around the social intranet and it has taken center stage. Our prediction is that in 2013 the tables will turn and the business intranet will prevail. But that is just the tip of the iceberg for change in 2013. The business intranet will continue its path to becoming a central tool for productivity, efficiency and simplicity for businesses.  Here are a few more intranet predictions for 2013:

A Love Letter to the Communications Department

Dear Communications, This is a letter from your intranet. It is a letter of appreciation because I more than anyone know the importance of your job in an organization. I am your voice to the people, so how you leverage me should be one of a kind. Every day I have the privilege of seeing employees rewarded. That I am a part of giving back thrills me. My top priority is to make the employees happier and more productive. My ultimate goal is to be so helpful they can’t live without me.

Monday is Intranet Knowledge Sharing Day

It's Thanksgiving in Canada today and we are thankful for the support that we have from our customers, for our blog subscribers, and to the many intranet tweeters we engage with on Twitter.  To show our thanks, here are our favorite intranet links from the past week: >>Top 10 Must Haves for Every Good Social Intranet >> If you build it, they will come. But will they return? The importance of building an intranet that engages users >>30 More Ways to a Better Intranet >> Satisfying Your Gen X & Y Readers >> Out of the Box Intranets- Are They a Myth?

Monday is Intranet Knowledge Sharing Day

Check out this week's intranet links about collaboration, best practices, intranet teams and much more! >> How important is collaboration? Enterprise 2.0 may be something new, but collaboration is in the nature of human being and in the depth of civilizations development and rise >> Communicating Your Way To Higher Employee Engagement: 4 Leadership Best Practices for increasing engagement through communications >> Do you want to network with a community of intranet professionals and thought leaders? Start a discussion on the Worldwide Intranet Challenge LinkedIn Group. The aim of this group is to help organizations build business critical intranets through

Monday Is… Labor Day!

For your enjoyment on Labor Day, check out our favorite Intranet Connections blog posts from over the years: >> Take Stress off Your Human Resources Department with an Intranet >> Culture, Contribute, Confidence- The Gateway to Intranet Success >> Are You a Good Intranet KISS'er? >> Your Intranet Doesn't Suck: 5 Things You Didn't Know Your Intranet Can Do >> A Day in the Life of an Intranet: Parts 1 through 5 Our Monday intranet links will be back in full swing on September 12th

Chill Out! Reduce Stress with these Intranet Tips

Stay cool while you manage your intranet with these tips: Provide information that inspires your employees. An intranet effectively brings together all of its employees and gives them the latest information and tools that your company needs to share its culture and message.  Implement an intranet that engages employees, promotes corporate culture and encourages collaboration between employees. Send the right message to your users. Have a clear message about how the intranet benefits the organization and its employees. In a recent article on the Step Two Designs blog, James Robertson wrote a great post about the importance of building a

Monday Is… Social Intranet Knowledge Sharing Day!

Check out this week's social intranet links: >> Why Smart Organizations Use Social Intranet by @roanyong >> Why some people are NOT using your social intranet... yet:  Six Variables of Social Intranet Adoption by @DomCrincoli Subscribe to our blog to receive future intranet links instantly!  

A Culture of Community – IBF Live Intranet Tours

Accenture Intranet I tuned into the August broadcast of IBF Live and heard Steve Kaukonen and Steve Berzins describe their Accenture Intranet as a “culture of collaboration” and I thought what a great play on words!  Hence this blog post title but I swapped out collaboration in favour of community. This month’s IBF Live theme seemed to emerge more as a lesson in how a consolidation of intranets, people and content can help internal communities thrive. If this is your first time hearing about IBF Live, you might want to tune in for the next one in September. IBF Live

Get Creative. Build on Culture. Empower Employees with Intranet Connections v11

Intranet Connections has its roots in business applications. We have added a lot of social and collaboration elements to our social intranet software over the recent years, but we have never forgotten about our roots in providing tools for employees to help improve your business.  We also see a great deal of employee engagement stemming from your company culture and our new v11 is all about leveraging your intranet to communicate that culture, and to expand on the tools you need to better inform and collaborate with your employees. I was going to blog about the specific features of our

Don’t Ignore the Customer Experience

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Inbound Marketing Summit in San Francisco. It was a fabulous conference with enlightening speeches from influential marketing professionals. One of the speakers that hit home for me was Elyse Tager from Constant Contact. Elyse gave an insightful presentation about Engagement Marketing and spoke about customer engagement and the act of giving a great customer experience. I believe that Elyse said it best, “there is no marketing cure for sucking, the last thing you want to do is ignore the customer experience.” This motto echo’s our customer service goals at Intranet Connections