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Build Workplace Culture Through the Intranet

Reed Coleman’s strategy for rolling out New Season Market’s first intranet was based on two principles: It must build upon workplace culture It must remain simple & easy-to-use As the new Internal Communications Manager at New Seasons Market, it was critical for Coleman to come in with a strong strategy and execution plan for deploying their first company intranet.

Your Intranet Name & Corporate Culture Go Hand in Hand

What can an intranet name do for your intranet and corporate culture? Your intranet name can be a strong driver for employee engagement on your intranet. If your intranet is named – The Mind Melt, that isn’t going to build confidence with your employees that this is a good forum for collaboration and communication.

4 Essentials for Your Marketing Intranet

Evaluating, selecting and implementing an intranet software solution can involve a number of key internal stakeholders.  One stakeholder that is often overlooked or out of the loop is marketing.  We see numerous intranet projects pushed onto the IT department, without the engagement of other internal stakeholders to guide the selection, design, architecture and implementation of their new intranet. One such stakeholder that can have a real impact on employee adoption and employee engagement of your intranet is the marketing department.  The difference between a truly engaged marketing intranet and those left disengaged by marketing and other key internal stakeholders can

Confessions of an Unorthodox Leadership Style

At Intranet Connections, we recently started “walk and talk” meetings to get outside in the fresh cool air, inspiring creativity. Plus being a dog loving office, it is good to get the pups out for a mid-day walk. Appreciating a Rich History & Client-Loyalty It was on one of these Strategy Walking Meetings that I started to think about how far we have come with our intranet software. We are heading into our 13th year and we are celebrating with many clients as they are entering a decade with Intranet Connections. A big thank you to all of the loyal

An Interview with Non-Profit Intranet Manager Elkie Wills

Non-profit organizations have very special needs when it comes to a company intranet. The essence of community and collaboration has to resonant through a non-profit intranet, along with the essential business tools, operational procedures and administrative tasks. Non-profits with multiple office locations often use a company intranet to create a sense of community, camaraderie and boost morale.

Top 5 Intranet Predictions for 2013

Every year the foundation of intranets remain but how we use the intranet evolves. In the past few years focus has revolved around the social intranet and it has taken center stage. Our prediction is that in 2013 the tables will turn and the business intranet will prevail. But that is just the tip of the iceberg for change in 2013. The business intranet will continue its path to becoming a central tool for productivity, efficiency and simplicity for businesses.  Here are a few more intranet predictions for 2013:

Movember has Arrived at Intranet Connections

With the recent release of Version 12.0, including Enhanced Form Builder, we have found the time to celebrate our success and bring attention to a worthy cause supported by both Intranet Connections’ Mo Bros and Mo Sistas alike. Help Maz 2 Help You Leading the Intranet Connections Movember Team is our very own Support Lead, Maz. As many Intranet Connections customers would tell you, Maz is the man with answers whenever you have a training, feature, support or upgrade question about Intranet Connections. Maz has become a friendly voice at Intranet Connections that our customers have grown to love and

A Love Letter to the Communications Department

Dear Communications, This is a letter from your intranet. It is a letter of appreciation because I more than anyone know the importance of your job in an organization. I am your voice to the people, so how you leverage me should be one of a kind. Every day I have the privilege of seeing employees rewarded. That I am a part of giving back thrills me. My top priority is to make the employees happier and more productive. My ultimate goal is to be so helpful they can’t live without me.

KidStart: Coaching Kids for the Game of Life

In early December, the Intranet Connections team had an afternoon to help the 150+ families in need at KidStart, a local prevention and diversion program for kids age 6+. Our team built food hampers for the families of children that are mentored in this program, and while doing so, we had the opportunity to learn about this one-on-one mentoring program that’s been running strong for over 20 years. KidStart encourages young people to develop their own interests, support learning & skill-building and open doors for them to participate in community life. In the program, volunteers are brought on board to