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Removing the “IT Intranet” Perception

Do you remember that scene from Office Space? You know, the one where Milton gets moved down to the basement in hopes of being forever forgotten by the company? It’s funny because a lot of corporate projects often suffer the same fate once they land kitty-corner to the server room.

It’s a bit embarrassing, but I’ll be the first to admit it – my initial experience with a business intranet revolved solely around ‘a glorified craigslist’.  The extent of my own usage was to load up our intranet home page, navigate to the “Buy and Sell” section, look for useless junk I didn’t need, and then repeat that process throughout the day. As a member of the basement dwelling IT Team I thought I was one of the few in our company who basically ignored what the intranet really had to offer…turns out I was one of the majority.

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Fun at the Expense of Productivity? Not a Chance

In a society where corporate efficiency is king, letting loose and being playful in the workplace has become taboo. Organizational cultures of commitment, contribution and professional excellence have become commonplace, with focus placed on raising productivity and increasing the bottom line. It is as though success and fun are viewed as mutually exclusive terms – “if we allow our employees to have fun, they won’t do any work”.  So employees push themselves to achieve this professional excellence, working longer hours and facing the looming threat of burnout.

It seems to have been forgotten that the workplace is not run by systems, but by people. People who are creative, intelligent and inventive.  Allowing for this creativity to flow in a directed manner not only ensures that work gets done, but it does so in a less stressful, more creative and efficient manner.

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Getting Creative with Intranet Names

Ok, so you have done your due diligence and research on different intranet solutions and you probably have a phone book of criteria and vendor matrix’s. You have researched all the different vendors, gone through all of the demos, listened to all the different sales reps rattle on about how great their solution is, how much it’s going to save you over time and increase productivity, to the point that if someone even says the word intranet one more time you will probably quit your job and go into sheep herding.

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Glorious Intranet Search: Unmasked

Salutations fellow intranet dwellers! Let’s talk about our friend, intranet search.

To this very day, I remember the moment I laid my eyes on that beautiful search box. Standing at a soaring 24 pixels in height, 148 pixels in width, I really couldn’t miss her glowing white rectangular shape even if I tried. Besides the physical attributes, intranet search offers an undeniable ability to help with my information retrieval needs. Truly, search is a glorious asset and essential to your intranet.

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Top 5 Employee Retention Strategies

I am heading into my 14th year running my intranet software company that serves thousands of organizations worldwide, including 260 banks and credit unions and 200 customers in the healthcare industry.

Over the years we have grown and needed to onboard more employees. I had to adapt my management style and gain employee retention strategies that essentially spoke to my weaknesses.

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Inspire Intranet Adoption Through Engaging Content

A common question we get from new intranet managers and prospective intranet purchasers is… “How can I drive adoption on my intranet?” While there are many different methods for engaging employees on your intranet, content is key.  If you aren’t publishing content that your employees and intranet users are interested in, they will not spend the time interacting with all the useful tools you have worked so hard to deploy on your intranet.

Now you may be wondering, what does engaging content look like? How can I measure the level of engagement my intranet content is receiving? And, what is a good framework I can provide my intranet publishers with to ensure we are all producing content our intranet users want to read?

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Employee Recognition on Your Intranet

Are you building an employee recognition rich culture?  You should be. According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, creating a ‘recognition-rich culture’ can increase employee retention by up to 31%. Now that is a number worth investing in. Employee recognition should not just be based on seniority or years-served. It should happen much more frequently.  Employee recognition should also reward performance and actions that support company goals and initiatives.  How is this currently being done in your business?

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Build Workplace Culture Through the Intranet

Reed Coleman’s strategy for rolling out New Season Market’s first intranet was based on two principles:

It must build upon workplace culture
It must remain simple & easy-to-use

As the new Internal Communications Manager at New Seasons Market, it was critical for Coleman to come in with a strong strategy and execution plan for deploying their first company intranet.

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Start Your Collaborative Software Revolution

Within most organizations, sales and marketing efforts are closely aligned with each other’s business processes. The goals associated with business operations are usually directly or indirectly achieved through an effective sales and marketing process. As such, effective communication and collaboration is essential to a successful sales and marketing processes.

However there are many challenges that must be overcome to achieve this. An effective intranet implementation should deliver collaborative software to increase productivity, improve responsiveness, reduce costs, and boost sales results.

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Successful Intranet Deployments Yield Employee Engagement

Building an intranet site is about far more than a feature checklist. It is about creating a sense of community and engaging employees through a process of constant communication.  Approaching your intranet deployment with a strong communication strategy has proven successful to achieve these goals. Here are a few that have led to the most successful intranet deployments:

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