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5 Intranet Design Tips to turn Your Intranet into a Winter Wonderland

Summary: Turn your intranet into a winter wonderland for the holidays with these 5 intranet design tips.
Let’s face it, the holiday season isn’t the most productive time for employees (except for Intranet Connections, of course). There are so many things that preoccupy us at this time of year, whether it be finding that last minute gift or figuring how to get to work during snowmageddon. If employees aren’t on holidays yet, they’re counting their last days in the office, and your intranet engagement is most likely suffering. This means it’s the perfect time to give your engagement a boost with a holiday intranet design theme makeover!

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How to Rebrand Your Intranet in 4 Simple Steps

Summary: 4 steps to rebrand your intranet from deciding on a new name and persona to redesigning your intranet.
Change is scary, whether it be moving to a new city, starting a new job or even simply changing up your daily routine. While these changes can be scary, they are often the most rewarding. The same goes for changing your intranet.

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6 Tips for Building Great Navigation Menus

Summary: 6 tips for building navigation menus from the correct way to label, structure and layout menus to security options.
Every intranet needs navigation menus to help users find their way around. While the Enterprise Search is best for scoping out specific items with keywords, navigation menus create a call to action by advertising important options that users may not otherwise know exist. However, not all menus are created equal. Building great navigation menus comes with experience, so here are 6 tips to help give your menu-building skills a boost.

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How to Design Your New Intranet Home Page

Summary: Discover 5 tips to help you design an effective intranet home page with real customer’s intranet home page examples to draw inspiration from.
Whether you are implementing a new intranet, or redesigning an old one, there are some standard best practices to take into account when designing your new intranet home page. Many of our customers have embraced these concepts and created home pages that engage and excite their employees, enhancing their use of the intranet and ensuring they keep coming back for more.

How to use Intranet Statistics/Analytics Effectively

There is often a tendency with intranets to overcrowd the intranet home page in an attempt to showcase as many options as possible in hopes that users will find the resources they need quickly.  I think a better approach when designing your intranet is to analyze how it’s being used and create task-driven navigation and calls to action (CTA) that speak to the most critical content and features used by

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Show Employee Appreciation to Boost Engagement

Intranet software is typically used as a business tool, streamlining everyday work tasks. However, it is also a great tool for improving employee engagement and employee retention. With the addition of enterprise social networking tools, intranet software has progressed toward stronger employee communication and collaboration the last few years. The integration of more social, fun features has elevated employee appreciation and employee engagement in the workplace.

At Intranet Connections, we have included

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4 Ways to Increase Employee Adoption with Intranet Designs

First impressions. They influence our perception about everything we interact with. For better or worse we pass judgment daily. When I think about creating something new or rebuilding for improvement, the first thing I do is try to imagine the visual aspect – what my ideal result would be.
The Importance of Intranet Design

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Eight Intranet Design Mistakes

The Step Two Designs Blog is a wealth of intranet resources. We are a big fan of their philosophy and vision for social intranets and the digital workplace. This week we feature a snippet from a feature they wrote on 8 intranet design mistakes to watch out for when implementing or taking on a re-design of your intranet site.
Intranet projects are challenging at the best of times. Sites are large and content rich. Project teams are often thrown into the deep end, with many constraints and expectations.
Intranet projects may confront challenges such as:

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How USU’s Intranet Meets Student Needs

Our intranet design contest has come to an end and we are happy to announce that Brent Nelson from the University Student Union at California State University, Northridge has won an iPad2! The USU intranet received an astounding 182 votes, congratulations!

We recently spoke to Brent to learn more about USU’s intranet:

How long have you been on Intranet Connections?

We have been using Intranet Connections since the summer of 2005.

What version are

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Good Intranet Design Inspires

In our latest webinar, Intranet Design 101, we showed how users can design and style their site using our intranet Theme Builder. For a recap of our intranet design tips and tricks , take a moment to check out what we covered in the webinar:
Step #1:
>> Go to the Admin Area of the site
>> Click on the Site Design tab
>> Next, go into Manage Site Themes
>> At

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