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Fun at the Expense of Productivity? Not a Chance

In a society where corporate efficiency is king, letting loose and being playful in the workplace has become taboo. Organizational cultures of commitment, contribution and professional excellence have become commonplace, with focus placed on raising productivity and increasing the bottom line. It is as though success and fun are viewed as mutually exclusive terms – “if we allow our employees to have fun, they won’t do any work”.  So employees push themselves to achieve this professional excellence, working longer hours and facing the looming threat of burnout.

It seems to have been forgotten that the workplace is not run by systems, but by people. People who are creative, intelligent and inventive.  Allowing for this creativity to flow in a directed manner not only ensures that work gets done, but it does so in a less stressful, more creative and efficient manner.

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Top 5 Employee Retention Strategies

I am heading into my 14th year running my intranet software company that serves thousands of organizations worldwide, including 260 banks and credit unions and 200 customers in the healthcare industry.

Over the years we have grown and needed to onboard more employees. I had to adapt my management style and gain employee retention strategies that essentially spoke to my weaknesses.

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What is an Intranet? A Quick Reference Guide

Software selection can be intimidating, especially when starting from square one. Needing to learn the basics behind the software platform you are searching for, such as “what is an intranet?”, can be an overwhelming task. As you and your software selection committee commence your intranet selection journey and seek to define your intranet and business requirements, having a handy guide on essential definitions of commonly used terms within the intranet software industry can be invaluable.
Setting the Baseline for Success
This article is aimed to assist in getting you and your committee on the same page with common intranet industry terms, so you can work from a communal understanding when evaluating and selecting an intranet software platform.

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Inspire Intranet Adoption Through Engaging Content

A common question we get from new intranet managers and prospective intranet purchasers is… “How can I drive adoption on my intranet?” While there are many different methods for engaging employees on your intranet, content is key.  If you aren’t publishing content that your employees and intranet users are interested in, they will not spend the time interacting with all the useful tools you have worked so hard to deploy on your intranet.

Now you may be wondering, what does engaging content look like? How can I measure the level of engagement my intranet content is receiving? And, what is a good framework I can provide my intranet publishers with to ensure we are all producing content our intranet users want to read?

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The Art of Intranet Culture

This past week I attended The Art of Leadership at the Centre of Vancouver for Performing Arts a one-day event with inspirational speakers imparting wisdom on leadership and company culture, of which translates to intranet culture.

I was struck by the session with John Mackey, who is co-CEO of Whole Foods Markets.  John spoke from a place of passion. It is evident that he loves his job and commitment to community and making a difference. For John, culture is the embodied values, principles and practices underlying the social fabric of a business, which permeate its actions and connects the stakeholders to each other and to the company’s purpose, people and processes. A Conscious Culture fosters love and care and builds trust between a company’s team members and its other stakeholders.

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Agile Planning Techniques for Families… Seriously!

Hello! This will be my first blog post since starting here at Intranet Connections as the Software Architect just three weeks ago.  Over the long weekend, I listened to a fantastic TED talk that I thought would be valuable to share on the agile methodology and agile planning.

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Start Your Collaborative Software Revolution

Within most organizations, sales and marketing efforts are closely aligned with each other’s business processes. The goals associated with business operations are usually directly or indirectly achieved through an effective sales and marketing process. As such, effective communication and collaboration is essential to a successful sales and marketing processes.

However there are many challenges that must be overcome to achieve this. An effective intranet implementation should deliver collaborative software to increase productivity, improve responsiveness, reduce costs, and boost sales results.

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Intranet Adoption

#1 tool for intranet adoption: don’t send it by email. Enforce the use of your intranet over broadcast emails

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Monday is Intranet Knowledge Sharing Day

Check out this week’s intranet links about collaboration, best practices, intranet teams and much more!

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>> Do you want to network with a community of intranet professionals

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Managing Corporate Growth: A Fathom SEO Case Study

The landscape of web marketing is always changing and shifting so it’s no surprise that Fathom SEO, a leader in online marketing, was eager to put a new intranet in place to assist with knowledge management. Fathom SEO, understood the importance of a dynamic, scalable intranet as their previous intranet was static and required users to know HTML to update information. The company also faced the challenge of on-boarding and

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