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Monday is Intranet Knowledge Sharing Day

Check out this week's intranet links about collaboration, best practices, intranet teams and much more! >> How important is collaboration? Enterprise 2.0 may be something new, but collaboration is in the nature of human being and in the depth of civilizations development and rise >> Communicating Your Way To Higher Employee Engagement: 4 Leadership Best Practices for increasing engagement through communications >> Do you want to network with a community of intranet professionals and thought leaders? Start a discussion on the Worldwide Intranet Challenge LinkedIn Group. The aim of this group is to help organizations build business critical intranets through

Managing Corporate Growth: A Fathom SEO Case Study

The landscape of web marketing is always changing and shifting so it’s no surprise that Fathom SEO, a leader in online marketing, was eager to put a new intranet in place to assist with knowledge management. Fathom SEO, understood the importance of a dynamic, scalable intranet as their previous intranet was static and required users to know HTML to update information. The company also faced the challenge of on-boarding and training new employees in a timely fashion. The very first decision the company had to make was whether to build their own custom intranet or to buy out-of-the box software.

5 Steps to Intranet Blog Success

I am a Chris Brogan fan. If you are interested, check out his web site at He works with large and mid-sized companies to improve online business communications like marketing and PR through the use of social software, community platforms, and other emerging web and mobile technologies.  His blog is a goldmine of short, static bursts loaded with value-add. Several months ago he wrote a blog post on “How to Grow Traffic to Your Blog”.  While the ideas are not directly related to an intranet, the concepts can be put towards how you blog to employees. Love What You've

Is the Intranet Your Baby? Read On! (Part 3 of 3)

One question that everyone seemed to have in common at the 16th Intranet for Corporate Communications course was "how do I increase employee buy-in on my intranet."  Communicators today have learned that the old adage "if you build it, they will come" does not hold true for intranets. Increasing Employee Engagement: I think Robin Farr put it best when she stated that "an intranet should be a conversation; even better a dialogue; better than that, a community." There are some simple tactics that you can implement to encourage employee engagement and build community on your site. Create ways for employees

Is the Intranet Your Baby? Read On! (Part 2 of 3)

Building a successful intranet is not just about designing an effective information architecture for your site.  Another recurring theme that stood out across the presentations and intranet examples that I saw at the Intranets for Corporate Communications Course was the importance of developing content specifically for the web. Writing for the Intranet: The content that gets posted on your site can greatly affect users' perceptions of the intranet and can also affect intranet buy-in. People consume information online differently than they do in print so it is important to keep the following points in mind when developing content for your

In the Midst of Change: BC Place Case Study

What do you do when you find out that your staff will be divided between two locations during a major renovation period? How can you unify employees at the two locations and ensure that communication remains consistent? If you are BC Place - the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics - you decide that the best way to overcome the internal communication challenges is with an intranet. BC Place launched their intranet, built on the Intranet Connections software, in July with the goal of improving communication, increasing employee involvement, and enhancing information sharing within