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5 Steps to Intranet Blog Success

I am a Chris Brogan fan. If you are interested, check out his web site at He works with large and mid-sized companies to improve online business communications like marketing and PR through the use of social software, community platforms, and other emerging web and mobile technologies.  His blog is a goldmine of short, static bursts loaded with value-add.
Several months ago he wrote a blog post on “How to

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Is the Intranet Your Baby? Read On! (Part 3 of 3)

One question that everyone seemed to have in common at the 16th Intranet for Corporate Communications course was “how do I increase employee buy-in on my intranet.”  Communicators today have learned that the old adage “if you build it, they will come” does not hold true for intranets.
Increasing Employee Engagement:
I think Robin Farr put it best when she stated that “an intranet should be a conversation; even better a dialogue;

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Is the Intranet Your Baby? Read On! (Part 2 of 3)

Building a successful intranet is not just about designing an effective information architecture for your site.  Another recurring theme that stood out across the presentations and intranet examples that I saw at the Intranets for Corporate Communications Course was the importance of developing content specifically for the web.

Writing for the Intranet:

The content that gets posted on your site can greatly affect users’ perceptions of the intranet and can also affect

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In the Midst of Change: BC Place Case Study

What do you do when you find out that your staff will be divided between two locations during a major renovation period? How can you unify employees at the two locations and ensure that communication remains consistent?
If you are BC Place – the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics – you decide that the best way to overcome the internal communication challenges is with

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