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Giving Thanks to our Business Intranet Clients

Today we thanks to all our business intranet clients for selecting us as their IT intranet partner and for providing us valuable feedback and workflow cases. With the recent release of V12.0 with Enhanced Form Builder, we give recognize a number of customers that gave us valuable input on how they were using our product and what features could be improved to optimize their workflows.

7 Tips for Developing Your Intranet in a Week

A few weeks ago Jonathan Phillips, who blogs about all things intranet related at, wrote a great post about developing your intranet in a week.  In this post, Phillips provides some great, simple tips to help you take your intranet to the level. Monday – Go social: Enable social tools on your intranet to help facilitate collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing.  Your business is already social so your intranet should be too. Tuesday – Make your intranet easy to access (part 1): Quick, easy, uncomplicated access to your intranet is crucial to its success.  Your intranet home page should

Intranet Lessons from Fortune’s #1 Company to Work For

This week, I had the pleasure of attending The Communicating to the Public and Employees in the Age of Social Media conference hosted by Ragan Communicators and BC Public Service. While all the presentations were valuable, Monday’s session on SAS’s intranet struck a particular chord with me. SAS was named Fortune Magazine’s number one company to work for in the US and it was eye opening to see what they were doing with their intranet. SAS, a leading provider of business analytics software and services and with over 11,000 employees spread worldwide, centralizes all employee communications through their corporate intranet.

Social Intranet Products: Am I Missing Something?

James Robertson, Managing Director of Step Two Designs, and a recognized thought leader in the intranet sector, recently blogged about his views on social and enterprise 2.0 intranets. James brought up a good point in that the social intranet solutions he looked at were clean, polished and provided rich social functionality, but that they lacked some very basic intranet capabilities. Where do I find HR information, such as the leave policy? What about the leave form? Can I fill out forms online? Is there any “corporate” information at all, or is everything organized by teams? Where are the links to

How Social Media Benefits the Intranet

Jane McConnell of NetJmc & Co conducts an annual survey “Global Intranet Trends”.  The 2010 report is subtitled ‘Towards the workplace web’ and reflects how organizations are positioning the intranet as the gateway to corporate information, applications, and employee collaboration and communication tools.  Like many surveys conducted around internal communications, social media plays a big part in the direction that intranets are moving.  The following observations are from the “Global Intranet Trends for 2010” report and provide a glimpse into how social media benefits the intranet. The individual voice is emerging Highlights from the report indicate that the concept of allowing

Ready or Not, Here Comes Enterprise 2.0

Two recent articles caught my attention, both focusing on Enterprise 2.0 and how it relates to your corporate intranet. The first was a recent post to Jakob Nielsen’s Alert Box “Social Networking on Intranets". Jakob Nielsen is a well-known usability expert on intranets and the principal of Nielsen Norman Group. Jakob wanted to find out how to employ social features on intranets but in a refreshing angle: eschew the hype about what’s hot and instead look for what actually works in real life. They collected case studies from 14 companies in 6 countries: AXA UK Agilent Technologies Inc, American Electric Power BT