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Even the Fluffiest Cloud Can House a Storm: Intranet Best Practices

As the Sales Manager here at Intranet Connections I get a lot of questions from prospective clients on intranet best practices and installation.  One question that seems to be popping up frequently during my intranet discussions is: “Can I put Intranet Connections in the cloud?” The answer to this absolutely, yes, but I have to ask….do you really want to? There are arguments as to why the cloud is a good option for a place to house your intranet, including low maintenance and included tech support.  However, putting your intranet in the hands of a provider can also lead to

Inspire Intranet Adoption Through Engaging Content

A common question we get from new intranet managers and prospective intranet purchasers is… “How can I drive adoption on my intranet?” While there are many different methods for engaging employees on your intranet, content is key.  If you aren’t publishing content that your employees and intranet users are interested in, they will not spend the time interacting with all the useful tools you have worked so hard to deploy on your intranet. Now you may be wondering, what does engaging content look like? How can I measure the level of engagement my intranet content is receiving? And, what is

5 Common Information Architecture Pitfalls

As a marketing consultant, I have worked with dozens of companies on their public facing websites.  The are many factors that come to play to develop an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly site, regardless of whether the site is a public website or intranet site.  A primary factor that requires detailed planning and consideration is the foundation of your site, the information architecture. Working with clients here these past six months at Intranet Connections, I’ve seen the same common information architecture problems with intranet sites as I have seen for years on public facing websites. Therefore, I wanted to provide some

The Chronicles of CUNA: Rebuilding an Employee Intranet

The Journey Begins Once upon a time (November 6th, 2006), in the land of the Wisconsinites, an intranet was born. It was truly a beautiful sight – no pun intended. This intranet belonged to none other than Credit Union National Association (CUNA). Very quickly, the collaboration beast became the star-child among CUNA’s collection of internal business tools. Primarily, the employee intranet was being used as a way for the HR and Finance departments to deliver forms to their fellow employees. And, it was great. Sadly enough, over the course of six years, the intranet had become quite stale and out-of-date.

4 Essentials for Your Marketing Intranet

Evaluating, selecting and implementing an intranet software solution can involve a number of key internal stakeholders.  One stakeholder that is often overlooked or out of the loop is marketing.  We see numerous intranet projects pushed onto the IT department, without the engagement of other internal stakeholders to guide the selection, design, architecture and implementation of their new intranet. One such stakeholder that can have a real impact on employee adoption and employee engagement of your intranet is the marketing department.  The difference between a truly engaged marketing intranet and those left disengaged by marketing and other key internal stakeholders can

2012’s Top 10 Company Intranet Product Enhancements

2012 was a banner year for Intranet Connections, releasing game changing company intranet product enhancements that elevates the corporate intranet to the next level, intranet 2.0. The 2012 product enhancements are just the tip of the iceberg for what we have planned in 2013. However, our 2012 product releases revolutionized the way employees utilize the company intranet adding extended automation, mobility and collaboration aspects to an already robust business intranet.  Outlined here is a high level overview of our top 10 product enhancements of 2012:

Lewis Group Drives Intranet Adoption with Contests and Executive Buy-In

Are you implementing an intranet? Take a look inside Lewis Group’s social intranet for unique ways to engage your users and develop your site into a core communications tool for your company. In just a few short months, Lewis Group has launched a successful intranet site for over 600 users spread across three offices in the United Kingdom. The company used a variety of innovative promotions to get users excited about using the site with ideas like an employee profile contest and CEO Blogging. To drive adoption and build out rich employee profiles, Lewis Group kicked off an employee profiles

Monday is Intranet Success Day

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