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Leveraging the Power of Online Forms at RRPS

As a Support Technician at Intranet Connections, I have the pleasure of working with the wonderful and creative individuals that make up the Intranet Connections family of customers. I am blown away by the unique ideas implemented in our intranet software by our outstanding clients. One client that continues to revolutionize the way they use their intranet is Rio Ranch Public Schools and their intranet champion, Peter Barron. Rio Rancho

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Intranet Search Designed for Maximum Productivity

Intranet Connections is happy to announce our upcoming release, Super Search (Version 13.0)! As the Product Manager, I wanted to focus this week’s blog on the reasoning behind reinventing the intranet search experience and the lessons learned. As we defined what Super Search would entail the questions below popped up that I felt were good insights into how/why we focused on on improving Enterprise Search:
“Why focus this release on intranet

The Power of WHY for Intranet Software

I occasionally browse through Ted Talks if I get a spare 20 minutes. Not often mind you! As a single mom running an intranet software company, there are not too many spare 20 minutes in the day. I love Ted Talks though because they are so inspirational. They charge up my batteries which gets me excited and thinking creatively.
Start With Why
Recently, I took another look at a very popular

Improve Employee Retention with Elearning

With the job market improving, employee turnover is on the rise. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows an upward trend in the number of hires, resignations, and job openings within the last three years. Reducing staff turnover and training new employees is a key challenge for Human Resources (HR) managers in 2014.

What makes this challenge even more difficult is the lack of additional HR resources to handle the increased

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10 Ways to Improve Intranet ROI (Part 2)

Hello Intranet Compadres. I’m back with 5 more ways to improve your intranet ROI with time savings and cost savings. In case you missed the first 5 ways to improve intranet ROI, here are #1 thru #5.
6. Include Outside Contributors
There is not a single organization that lacks the need to share information and feedback in a timely, effective manner.  From various cohorts who fall outside of the immediate employee groups,

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10 Ways to Improve Intranet ROI (Part 1)

The most common questions prospective clients ask us about intranets are:

Our Product Manager, Neil Chong-Kit, recently discussed how to ensure intranet ROI through effectively utilizing the Form Builder application. As a follow up to that post, this post will cover a more general overview of how you can plan for and improve your intranet ROI.

The soft benefits, the intangible assets that your company or organization acquires, come from many parts

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Corporate Intranet Top 5 Product Enhancements

In 2013, our Software Development Team worked hard to deliver some incredible product enhancements to our intranet software. This lead to further improvements for our overall user experience. Some features, such as Mega Menus, were created by our team to drive the product forward with new innovative functionality.  Other features, such as Form Approval Export Options, were specifically requested by our customers to improve the efficiency of their internal business processes.

The 2013 enhancements

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Designing an Effective Intranet Homepage

Whether you are implementing a new intranet solution or looking to revamp the one you have, the key to enhancing employee engagement and ensuring intranet adoption is a well thought-out and executed intranet homepage.

Your homepage is the first thing your employees see when they click onto the intranet, or in some cases when they open their browser. It is their first impression of what the intranet can do for them and can often be the deciding factor of whether they choose to continue through the site or stop their journey short.

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3 Steps to Buying an Intranet Software

For a first-time buyer, choosing a new intranet software can be a daunting, time-consuming process. Each organization holds different values and is looking to achieve different goals, which means an intranet that works for one company, may not be the right fit for another.

The following three simple steps will help to identify the specific needs of your business, and ensure a successful intranet purchase:

Set Your Goals, Choose Your Features
Identify Show Stoppers
Create a Short List & Try It Out!

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Intranet Connections Technical Mo Bros

With only one week left the Intranet Connections ‘ICGROMO’ Team, consisting of 8 Mo Bros, 1 Mo Dog and a Mo Sista, have come a long way in raising awareness and gathering donations for the funded programs of Movember.  If you missed the Movember intro blog, have a quick read to meet the team and discover what Movember is all about.

So far, the team has raised over $3,800 in the fight against prostate and testicular cancer, as well as men’s mental health challenges.  They have also garnered much attention from friends, family and complete strangers for their moustache attempts, sparking conversation about the importance of regular cancer screenings. Contribute to the team’s efforts and check out our Mo Bro’s Movember ‘staches on our ICGROMO Team Page.

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