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Does Your Healthcare Intranet Have a Pulse?

Recently our Intranet Engagement Consultant, Maz, worked alongside Northfield Hospital & Clinics to create and implement their new customized healthcare intranet.  Along with our graphic designer he worked closely with Northfield to design an intranet with a simple, easy to navigate user interface, which contains all the healthcare resources they need to accomplish their day-to-day tasks within the organization.

The History of Intranet Software and How It’s Evolving

Intranet software has come a long way over the last twenty years.  Current products, such as Intranet Connections, provide users with a wide variety of functionality including everything from a centralized document repository to custom forms to social networking tools.  Today, intranets tie together different parts of a business and provide an avenue for employees to communicate and share information quickly and efficiently.  Early intranets weren’t quite so well integrated into the businesses that were using them, but their introduction was intended to solve many of the same problems they are used to solve today.

Is it Time to Break Up with Your Intranet?

The bond you and your employees have with your intranet is an intimate relationship. As such, you have standards that your intranet must meet in order for that relationship to continue unrestrained. Is your intranet meeting your standards? As with any healthy relationship, it requires work. Here are a few things to help build a healthy intranet relationship:

MVC Website Architecture – Good for Intranets?

These days, web site design is all about frameworks and it’s difficult to ignore the fact that many of the most popular web frameworks implement some sort of an MVC or Model View Controller website architecture.  The purpose of this blog post is to explain, why MVC is such a good fit for the web, including intranets, and why it is a good idea, no matter the platform you are developing on, to spend some time researching MVC frameworks before starting development.

Nerdy Perspectives: How to Buy Intranet Software, Successfully!

I have one goal today: To share my 3-week experience working as part of an intranet software sales team and offer advice that will help you streamline your intranet software selection process. This will be especially useful for those individuals in a technical positions entering the intranet software buying cycle. Recently, I was offered a temporary position in our sales department to help cover a fellow team member so he could soak rays and surf the wave-ridden coast of Australia (not that I was jealous). The thought of stepping foot in to a completely unknown domain was very exciting to

Build Workplace Culture Through the Intranet

Reed Coleman’s strategy for rolling out New Season Market’s first intranet was based on two principles: It must build upon workplace culture It must remain simple & easy-to-use As the new Internal Communications Manager at New Seasons Market, it was critical for Coleman to come in with a strong strategy and execution plan for deploying their first company intranet.

How to Win at Being the Best CMS Intranet Vendor

The other day I was pulled into a demo with a company who is evaluating our CMS intranet, Intranet Connections. I entered the conversation with my thoughts on our company vision and the heart of our core values: simplicity. The conversation steered ultimately to transparency. Social CMS Intranets All the Buzz With so many intranet vendors flooding the market, all with fists clenched around similar value propositions, I find myself annoyed with the inaccurate state of buzz words floating around. In a modern world of social responsibilities, there is only one way to win at being the best CMS intranet

Chill Out! Reduce Stress with these Intranet Tips

Stay cool while you manage your intranet with these tips: Provide information that inspires your employees. An intranet effectively brings together all of its employees and gives them the latest information and tools that your company needs to share its culture and message.  Implement an intranet that engages employees, promotes corporate culture and encourages collaboration between employees. Send the right message to your users. Have a clear message about how the intranet benefits the organization and its employees. In a recent article on the Step Two Designs blog, James Robertson wrote a great post about the importance of building a

Monday Is… Intranet Knowledge Sharing Day

Take a look at this week's intranet links: Learn how you can create work environments with which your employees want to engage Did you know that people need to be engaged for a digital workplace to be successful? Here are 7 Ways to Engage People in A Digital Workplace Do you test the usability of your intranet? Perhaps you can try to be a test user sometime Check out this very detailed and informative blog series on Designing Intranet Structures Oscar Berg shares his Useful Information Workplace Resources Want to make the most of your Intranet Connections intranet? Register for

7 Tips for Developing Your Intranet in a Week

A few weeks ago Jonathan Phillips, who blogs about all things intranet related at, wrote a great post about developing your intranet in a week.  In this post, Phillips provides some great, simple tips to help you take your intranet to the level. Monday – Go social: Enable social tools on your intranet to help facilitate collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing.  Your business is already social so your intranet should be too. Tuesday – Make your intranet easy to access (part 1): Quick, easy, uncomplicated access to your intranet is crucial to its success.  Your intranet home page should