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Managing Corporate Growth: A Fathom SEO Case Study

The landscape of web marketing is always changing and shifting so it’s no surprise that Fathom SEO, a leader in online marketing, was eager to put a new intranet in place to assist with knowledge management. Fathom SEO, understood the importance of a dynamic, scalable intranet as their previous intranet was static and required users to know HTML to update information. The company also faced the challenge of on-boarding and

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When Looking at Intranets: Should you Build or Should you Buy?

Northwest Medical Center (NWMC) needs an intranet. They are currently using shared folders in Outlook and networked drives to shared documents and information. They want an intranet to unify the workplace and to log and access employee knowledge. After a search on Google for “intranet software” they get 293,000 results. It’s a crowded market, so how do you get started with an intranet evaluation?

A fundamental decision in determining the course

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Three Intranet Gurus Speak Out

If you’re anything like me, you love a good intranet story. In an article recently published by Motiv8 Communications, three intranet managers shared their stories on how they are working towards a better intranet. What I love about these interviews is that the focus of success is in employee participation.

SCANA Intranet — Christy Season

“My advice is to start with your employees – pulling together a group of employees who

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6 Tips for Naming Your Intranet

Summary: What’s in an intranet name? Give life to your intranet with a name! Below are 6 tips for naming your intranet, plus ideas on intranet names.
Intranets and corporate culture should go hand in hand. If your intranet is not reflecting the culture in your organization and the site is boring or dry, consider how good old fashioned brand marketing can change attitudes towards technology. Apple does a great job in providing catchy and friendly names attached to their technology that helps to engage. Combine a catchy name with a clever tag line on your intranet, build a strong brand design, and you can do a lot to attract employees and reflect your culture.

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Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Intranet

We recently came across an interesting post by Kim Komando, who is the host of the nation’s largest talk-radio show about computers and the Internet. Kim also writes a syndicated column for more than 100 Gannett newspapers, and for USA Today.

Kim explains why even small businesses can benefit from an intranet and she makes some key points that can apply to any SME looking to implement an internal communication and

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Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Intranet

A strong roll-out plan can affect the immediate and long term success of your new intranet.  Here are four key components to consider when planning your intranet launch.
1. Make It Simple & Easy to Use
When preparing for an intranet launch, the last thing you want to do is to make it difficult for employees to access the site. Make sure that the intranet is set to be the default home

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Who Should be the Intranet Admin or Project Manager?

I had a client on Twitter send me a DM (direct message) the other day.  I thought she brought up a really good question:

Shih_Wei: What software skill set do you recommend for a client when identifying an employee to be the admin/PM on the intranet project?

Whether you build your intranet site on a tool like SharePoint, or you buy an out-of-the-box intranet software, at some point you will need to

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