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What Does Your Intranet Navigation Say About Your Company?

Is the diversity in site navigation and design between various organizations due to the various tasks that employees are performing on their intranets, differences for the sake of being different or simply poor design? This is the question that James Robertson, Managing Director of Step Two Designs recently asked in his post There is no “One-True” Top-Level Intranet Navigation.

As evidenced in the examples of horizontal menus in James’ post, site

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In the Midst of Change: BC Place Case Study

What do you do when you find out that your staff will be divided between two locations during a major renovation period? How can you unify employees at the two locations and ensure that communication remains consistent?
If you are BC Place – the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics – you decide that the best way to overcome the internal communication challenges is with

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Four Tips to Freshen up Your Intranet

Lately we have had a few conversations with clients surrounding the design and navigation of their intranet sites. These are clients that have been on the Intranet Connections’ Intranet Software for years, and they are looking to freshen up the site, review content structure and address user expectations.

These days your intranet users are employees who are active with Facebook, YouTube, iTunes and their smart phones. They are more sophisticated and

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Intranet

Good intranets provide an invaluable resource to employees. A one-stop location to find everything from policies, guidelines, forms, departmental information, people search, calendar events and company news. But like all good intranets, over time they can get bogged down by the sheer volume of content distributed throughout the site. Sound familiar? It may be time to do a spring clean on your intranet.

A spring clean should renew, reconnect and revive.



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Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Intranet

A strong roll-out plan can affect the immediate and long term success of your new intranet.  Here are four key components to consider when planning your intranet launch.
1. Make It Simple & Easy to Use
When preparing for an intranet launch, the last thing you want to do is to make it difficult for employees to access the site. Make sure that the intranet is set to be the default home

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How Important is Intranet Design?

I recently posted a question on Twitter via TweetDeck

I must have hit a sweet time to post this question because I received some amazing responses, and it was great to see that everyone gave high marks.  The average was 9/10 for importance on intranet design.

The following feedback hit the mark for me.  I hope you find them as inspirational as I did, and thanks to everyone who responded to my tweet!

Importance of intranet

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